Monday, December 11, 2006

Week of Dec 11th-2006-What's New!!

Many new items are being added this week so please keep checking back! If you click on the What's New section in the top navigation bar of the site, most new items are shown there for a period of time.

We have quite a few new Yarn Botanika Traveler Sock Kits and sock yarns. These are always very popular. The Traveler kits make great gifts for another person or for yourself! They include a sock bag, yarn, double pointed needles and a pattern. This one turned out beautifully.........

Handwoven shawls and bags from India are here under the area in the store called Unique Finished Items by Monsoon Winds. These are absolutely gorgeous. Every one of these items is handdyed by artisans in India. The bags work great as small sock or knitting project bags.... The shawls are wonderful wrapped around your shoulders on a cool evening. Look at this adorable hand quilted bag.

Two more Black Pearl Yarn patterns are being released this week. One by Ivete Tecedor and another by Melissa Wehrle. Please keep your eye on the Black Pearl Yarns blog in the next few days.

We had a huge shipment of yarn from South America of Lanas Puras yarns and we will be unpacking these and listing them in the store over the next week or so. In addition to more lace weight and fingering colorways, we received a shipment of worsted weight yarns. Watch in January for patterns to be released in this yarn. We have some really neat kids sweaters coming by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic and also Melissa Wehrle as well as some felted items and other patterns. We love this yarn and so do you from what we are hearing!

We also will be adding quite a few lace and sock patterns from Heartstrings that work well with Lanas Puras Lace weight and fingering weight yarns as well with many of the other yarns in our store. These patterns will all be available in download form which is very convenient!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Yarn Pirate Yarns are Here!

The wonderful Yarn Pirate yarns have arrived and are being added to the store this morning.

They are gorgeous!! And they are very different from the other Indie yarn artists we have in our shop, so that is great! It really is amazing how each fiber artist really has their own unique style.

Yarn Pirate uses a different superwash merino. It is a bit thinner than some of the other fingering weights and has a gorgeous tight twist to the plies. Her colorways are very bright but in a beautiful way-the colors really go great together.

Here are two of my favorites: Panema, because I am a total blue green lover and Punkinhead (WOW!)! You can see all the other colors in her store section of One Planet Yarn and Fibers here!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two New Black Pearl Yarns Patterns

We have two more Black Pearl Yarn patterns. These are great gifts for knitters since both patterns use only one or two skeins of cashmere yarn.

"Feeling a spring in your step and a verse bubbling up? Knit up Haiku Flower socks...and surround your tootsies in lacy cashmere comfort!"

Introducing the Haiku Flower Sock Pattern. This pattern uses only one skein of Black Pearl Yarns 100% cashmere.
This pattern was designed by Gina House, and we are proud to announce that this is first professional pattern! She has several patterns coming out in 2007 using Yarn Botanika merino and tencel and sock yarns! We can't wait to see them.....:) Make sure to check out Gina's blog and her new podcast.
Available at One Planet Yarn and Fiber in either a hard copy or download version.

The socks are shown in the colorways blue topaz and jasmine pearl but of course any colorway would be gorgeous!!

The second pattern released and available today at One Planet is the absolutely gorgeous Milanese Lace Glove pattern by Sara Lucas. Please make sure to check out Sara's Yarn of the Month Club. We are members and it is so much fun to get the yarn samples and pattern each month. We really look forward to getting it!

"Cold hands, warm heart? How about a cozy cashmere treat to warm both?! Elegant and sassy, these lace gloves enable your hands to stay warm while typing, writing, or even knitting. Includes instructions for two lengths in tipless versions for both gloves and mittens."
Milanese Lace Gloves1
The pattern uses only one skein of Black Pearl yarns cashmere for the short version and one or two for the long version depending on your hand size. They are shown in Chai Tea and Jasmine Pearl, but would be beautiful in any colorway.
Milanese Lace Gloves3

Available at One Planet Yarn and Fiber in either a hard copy or download version.

PS Interested in trying the Black Pearl 100% Cashmere yarn to make one of these beautiful items? Send an email to and we will send you back a special code for this purpose!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New this week


This week we will be adding several new items to the store, so just keep your eyes open.

Yarn Pirate's yarns should be tomorrow and then it is just a matter of photographing them and getting them into the shop!

Also in the store now are 11 new sock patterns by Lisa Parker at Wildhorse Farms Wildhorse Farms. All of her patterns are designed with variegated sock yarns so they are perfect for all the yarns in our store. Most of them are written for either fingering or sports weight sock yarn. Here is a photo of my favorite pattern, the Rococo sock.

We will have two new pattern releases for Black Pearl Yarns cashmere this week. A beautiful sock pattern by Gina House that only uses one skein of cashmere yarn. And gorgeous lace gloves by Sara Lucas that use only one or two skeins of cashmere. These patterns are absolutely gorgeous and a great way to try knitting with cashmere. Watch the Black Pearl Yarns blog for detailed photos and information on Wednesday or Thursday.

We also have handwoven bags and shawls from India arriving these week. These are absolutely gorgeous and will be in the section of the shop called Unique Finished items which is now empty! A shipment from Chile is also expected this month.

Thanks for visiting our store and feel free to email us at if you have any questions.