Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bugs Are Here and more!

When we opened up the box of Sock Bugs and Omiyage "Baby Bugs" from Diana of Sock Diva, we just about flipped at the colors and quality of the fabrics she chose. She uses only the very nicest, most colorful and sturdy 100% cotton quilt fabric. Diana has an amazing color sense and truly each "bug" is a work of art!!

The smaller "Omiyage baby bugs"are perfect notions bag. Two of them can snap on to a bigger Sock Bug. They are absolutely adorable and not just that, very well made in beautiful colors. The Sock Bugs are equally amazing. They have a velcro pocket, that can't really be seen in the photos very well, to hold scizzors or a tape measure or needles. Each Sock Bug has room inside easily for sock yarn and your needles and a pattern. Or use for any smaller project. There is 40 inch fabric handle and a drawstring "mouth" closure to keep your items neat.

Meet a few of our favorite "bugs." The photos honestly don't do them justice. The fabrics are so exquisite-hand dyed fabric, watercolor and batik patterns.

What else?

I promised photos of the new Chewy Spaghetti and A Piece of Vermont Yarns. First, Chewy Spaghettti sent us lovely lovely large skeins of lace weight merino and silk yarn (50/50). The yarn just gleams in beautiful colors! We are getting more sock yarn soon from Chewy soon...

Jessie, from A Piece of Vermont, has been working for months to find the best combination of pure Vermont fibers. She finally has released her 100% Vermonter yarn called "Weybridge." It is a hearty yarn, a mixture of several fibers hand dyed in gorgeous colors. We see many hand dyed yarns at One Planet Yarn and Fiber, and the interesting thing is how everyone has a different approach to dyeing despite using similar "ingredients." Jessie's colorways have a base color with subtle shading and then bits of other colors mixed in. Truly each yarn is unique. Here is a skein of "Weybridge" yarn.

We just received a shipment of Yarn Pirate yarn!! It will be up on the site soon. And in the next three weeks we have several exciting new companies so watch this spot for announcements!!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

About HipKnits and other things...

We are super excited to have HipKnits, UK products on our website with even more on the way. Kerrie Allman, the founder and owner of HipKnits, UK really is a talented and hardworking fiber artist. She is someone who has done it all in a way. She started HipKnits, UK and now hand dyes 20 different types of yarns for her studio and store. She hired designers very early to do patterns for her yarn and this was a very smart move on her part. She also does her own designs to provide free pattern support to customers who purchase her yarn. She founded the online knit magazine many know about called MagKnits. She also recently founded a UK based knitting magazine that we now carry at One Planet Yarn and Fiber, called Yarn Forward. It is currently listed in our "magazines and books section." She also owns a really neat company called SewHip! How much can one person do! We won't even mention her personal life! On top of this, she is an incredibly nice person unaffected by her success and a real pleasure to work with. HipKnits, UK is actually the type of company we like being affiliated with at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Please make sure to start at Kerrie's blog and read all about her and her various enterprises.

We currently are carrying HipKnits silk and cashmere yarns along sari silk yarn and sock yarns and patterns. We did not get all of the silk yarn, which actually is the yarn that supports most of the patterns and it will be here soon. Her sock yarn is beautiful and the cashmere is amazing. The yardage on the skeins is high so take a close look. Even if a skein says $ 38.99, if it has 750 yards of fingering cashmere, that is a lot of cashmere for the price! Here is one of our favorite sock yarns called Subtle, which is almost sold out already. We love the subtle colors of the skein

Here is one of our favorite patterns done in HipKnits sock weight cashmere designed by One Planet Yarn and Fiber's own Creative Director, Melissa Wehrle. It is called Annabelle and is available by download as all the other HipKnits patterns are. Plus, there are lots of patterns that are free with a purchase of HipKnits yarns.

What else is new or coming soon?

We have three new WoolPets needle felting kits-a bunny, a blue bell and an intermediate kit called Sheep. These are hot sellers because they are so much fun and they teach people basic needle felting skills while completing a project. In the next two days, we'll be posting gorgeous new lace yarns from Chewy Spaghetti and a beautiful new shipment of yarns from A Piece of Vermont. This time, A Piece of Vermont, sent along "real Vermonter" yarn too! We'll show some photos soon. We have two cotton yarns coming and a new bamboo yarn from several new amazing companies which will remain a surprise for now!! And we have a order from Yarn Pirate coming in the next few days with another one promised for May!! PLUS, we are adding two of the most amazing new indie companies, along with two spindle makers. And we have about six or so exclusive patterns also releasing!! So, you can see we have lots of exciting news and products now and coming soon.

For dyers or smaller yarn companies, we are selling beautiful undyed yarn from Uruguay. See our "wholesale only" section for more info!!

Also, only a few more days for the April sale..... Certain products are 10% and 15% off for only a few more days, including all books and magazines by the way and they are already discounted. If you didn't get the flier or want one again, let us know. Because there won't be another sale most likely for awhile. With independent artisans and smaller yarn companies, it is hard to have sales on products because they are all handmade......

Bye for now!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sheep Shop Three Yarns & Other things..

The Sheep Shop Three yarns are all listed and they are some of the nicest skeins of handpainted yarn we have seen! We realized we didn't show any photos yet on the blog. They are super soft with a great shine from the silk. Uruguay is known for the quality of its merino yarn and the combination of the merino and silk yarn results in a fiber that takes dye so well that the colors are just brilliant. At first glance, they seem a bit high in price, but they aren't at all, because each skein has 325 yards! So you only need about 3 or 4 skeins for a sweater, depending on the pattern of course.

The Sheep Shop Yarns work great for any DK weight pattern, including the Black Pearl Yarn patterns like the Sapphire Wrap sweater or Georgia. Sheep Shop 3 is a more affordable alternative to cashmere and would be fabulous for either of these patterns. I am thinking of making one of the Zephyr Style patterns with Sheep Shop 3 like Ms Marigold. I love that pattern and I only need two skeins of Sheep Shop for that sweater!! The yarn might also be good for Chic'Knits Cece sweater, which would use 2-3 skeins depending on your size. Sheep Shop Yarn company will be coming out with their own patterns soon too, and in the fall we have even more DK weight cashmere patterns.

Here are a few of my favorite colors. Each skein is handpainted and we carry every single color of Sheep Shop yarn, both solids and variegated.

We are also super super super excited about a few other orders we have placed with some new companies but we will keep that a secret for now!! Coming in the next few weeks are new shipments from Yarn Pirate, Sunshine Yarns, Chewy Spaghetti, A Piece of Vermont and Wooldancer, so keep your eye on the "What's New Section" of One Planet Yarn and Fiber as well as this blog. All of the HipKnits yarns and patterns from England really will be up soon! We'll have another blog post just about that.

Also, we are placing an order with Fleece Artist within the next few days if anyone would like a custom order, please let us know! You can order any kit from the Fleece Artist or Hand Maiden website in just about any color. Contact us for more information and details.

Our private sale continues until the end of the month! If you didn't receive the flyer, email us and we will send you one!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Introducing the Accordion Bag

We are excited to introduce another unique knitting pattern with Lanas Puras Melosa yarn. This is the first of several felted patterns to come. Lanas Puras Melosa felts beautifully according to our design team! Watch this space for more felted patterns, sock patterns, patterns for skirts and a dress, baby items, and adult sweaters!!

The Accordion Bag pattern was designed by Gryphon Perkins. Gryphon is a multi talented designer and fiber artist, who describes her entry into the world of knitting, fiber art and design "As we all know, fiber is highly addictive stuff. I took up the needles about three years ago, the spinning wheel a year later and dyeing a year after that. In the last year, I began selling my designs, several to Interweave, and began to find that my job was increasingly interfering with my fiber time. The only conclusion was to quit and pursue my habit full time. As a result, I now run a little spinning/yarn shop out of my home in Easton, Maryland where I sell spinning wheels, roving, handspun and handpainted yarns, teach spinning and knitting, and continue to swatch furiously and publish my designs. I have wild dreams of starting my own yarn company, publishing dozens of gorgeous knitting books, and having a farm populated with every sort of fiber animal there is. Let it be noted that my husband is an extremely good humored and indulgent man. " You can read about Gryphon's adventures on her blog or can help support her habit by visiting her ETSY shop.

The Accordion Bag pattern is a beginner/intermediate project that uses only two skeins of Lanas Puras Melosa worsted weight yarn. It's a chic bag that is quick to knit and is great for carrying a small knitting project or your essentials for an evening out.

The Lanas Puras Melosa yarn is part of our private sale now too. Did you receive our sale flyer? If you missed it somehow, please drop us an email at You must be on our mailing list to receive the sale flyers which only go out a few times per year.

Other stuff!

Is there a special kit or color from Fleece Artist or Hand Maiden that you would like to order for your self? They have so many incredible colors and kits, we can't have them all,! But, we are going to be doing an order very soon, and if there is something you would really like, please let us know and we will try to include it in our order. Take a look at their websites and drop us a note if you are interested.

New yarns and yarn companies? Yes!!! Yes! We don't want to tell all quite yet!! But definitely showing up this week will be the new Sheep Shop 3 yarn. This yarn is GORGEOUS!!! It is a DK weight, 70% fine merino and 30% pure silk yarn. We ordered it in every colorway available. We have quite a few patterns for DK weight yarn and also this yarn is perfect for spring/summer lace and shawl knitting. The yarn is very soft with a lovely sheen and the colors are just beautiful. Photos soon.

Our yarn from Hipknits, UK is here!!! We are just waiting for the patterns and then we will list them all. We also have multiple copies of a UK Knitting magazine called Yarn Forward, edited by Kerrie of Hipknits and Magknits. It has really great patterns inside and I love how they give yarn options based on price category. All of these items will be listed very soon.

Also coming soon our the incredible Sock Bugs and Baby Bugs from Sock Diva. These are very unique, colorful and whimsical little bags for holding sock projects. You will love them and we are excited that we are the exclusive wholesale account for Sock Diva online!!! Thank you Diana for this opportunity and your trust in us. Here are a few photos of a few "bugs."

Have a wonderful week and don't forget the sale!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cashmere Flowers in Bloom

Introducing another lovely crochet pattern by Angela Best, of Toronto, Canada, called Cashmere Flowers in Bloom.

This unusual and beautifully modern shrug, Cashmere Flowers in Bloom, is crochet with Black Pearl Yarns 100% cashmere yarn in Hot Chile. Red Dragon is a very similar color, and it is the red that we have in stock right now. This pattern would look amazing in some of the other cashmere colors as well.

Cashmere Flowers in Bloom is "a sensual, exotic little floral shrug that says paradise!"

This is an intermediate-to-advanced crochet pattern, as it uses a special stitch called the Double treble clusters to make the flowers.. This is a gorgeous pattern to wear over a camisole in the evening or for a special event.

This pattern is available in download form at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. It will also be available soon at in hard copy along with the yarn. If you are interested in purchasing the yarn, we happen to be having a special spring sale at One Planet Yarn and Fiber during the month of April for our customers. An announcement is going out very soon. If you are on our customer mailing list, you will receive the details of this special sale offer! Please sign up on our mailing list right at the site on the front page on the left hand column or CLICK HERE!
Feel free to email us if you somehow missed the sale flyer. After you have signed up for our customer mailing list, we we will send you a special flyer. The sale is on quite a few items in our store including the pure cashmere used in this pattern.

Watch this space for some other pattern releases in the next few weeks! We have some amazing patterns for various felted items coming in Lanas Puras Melosa yarn, and also a beautiful pattern for the home in Yarn Botanika handpainted yarn.

Thank you for looking!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden Yarns

Hello Friends,

We have lots and lots of Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden yarns and kits in the store but they are already going really fast, so we thought we should make announcement!! There are quite a few colors (over 25!!) of SeaSilk yarn, Sea Wool yarn (their new sock yarn), and Merino Sock Yarn. If a color disappears, it means it has sold or gone out of stock. Same with the kits! The sock yarns, SeaWool and Merino come as kits with a sock pattern right on the label. They are an incredible value for handpainted yarns and they come in such brilliant colors. SeaWool has 70% merino and 30% SeaCell and the yarn is washable! It has a gorgeous shine. Sea Silk is perfect for lace knitting and has an incredible shine because its contents are Silk and SeaCell. Sea Cell is related to tencel, by the way!

This yarn is so gorgeous, really the photographs don't do it justice. The yarn that comes with the kits comes in huge handpainted skeins that are works of hart. Here are a few examples. This is the very large skein of yarn that comes with the Soft Wavy Wrap. It was so large, I could not fit it on our photography background. It is just gorgeous. Most of these kits have sold, but there is one left I think. We will order it in a few more colors on the next order.

Here are just a few of large skeins of Scotian Silk Yarn (wool and silk) that are used for the Celtic Vest Kit. Again, the skeins of yarn are simply breathtaking.

I could keep posting hundreds of photos but you get the idea. Please go on line and take a look at all the fantastic colors.

Are you on our mailing list? If you aren't, make sure to sign up because we will be sending out an announcement in the next week or so about a spring sale. It doesn't include everything in the shop so don't wait if you see a product or color you like! Plus we have several new patterns releasing in the next few weeks.... So keep your eyes on this blog!

Thanks for looking and go look at all the gorgeous colors!!