Saturday, February 24, 2007

February contest and BLOG coupon special!

Our February Contest is almost over, plus we are putting on tons and tons of new products right now! Please read the "What's New" section of the site where all new products are listed. If you keep checking back there you will see new products being listed all weekend and this week.

If you look at the last blog post, there is a special blog offer of 10% off orders if you enter the discount code BLOG upon check out! So use this to buy some of the wonderful new yarns and other items. Radiance, Yarn Botanika's new line of merino and tencel yarn is finally here and it is truly beautiful. Radiance is spun exclusively for One Planet by a mill in Europe. Right now we have it in fingering weight and a sport/dk weight. The worsted weight will be available soon. The merino tencel we were carrying before and what most yarn dyers and companies have in the US is the sport/DK weight. We are the only ones we know of with this fingering weight or worsted weights and we had these spun for us because of how much we LOVE this yarn. It is lovely and we ordered quantities of various hand painted colors so our customers had enough for shawls, lace work, socks and other items... Here are a few of the new colors.. aquamarine and snapdragon, yum, yum. See the rest of the colors on the site!

We also have many new spindle kits, spinning fibers, and Marion's Sock Yarns from Germany which are just too fun and a quality quality sock yarn!

You still can enter the February contest!! It is over on 2/28/07 and we'll announce the winners the next day. The ways to enter are to either send in a photo of a completed garment or write a product review on one of our pages. If you do one of these things or more you can be entered several times. mail to:

There is ONE MORE WAY we came up with for you to enter the contest! If you have a website or a blog, if you put our button on your blog or if you provide a link to One Planet Yarn and Fiber, then you will also be entered into the contest. Here is the button and just email us where we can look to make sure your link works:

Here are the prizes:
1. First Prize - a coupon for 40% off any ONE product.
2. Second Prize - coupon for 20% of your entire order. Time to make a sweater!
3. Third Prize - a coupon for 15% off your order
4. Runner Up Prizes- 3 gifts for entering....just as a thank you!

We will make the coupons good for 90 days so you can take advantage of all the new products coming to the site. Coming soon, new Sereknity Stitch markers and a new shipment of the fabulous Yarn Pirate yarns. Coming In March - Hipknits yarns and patterns from England, absolutely lovely hand painted luxury yarns- cashmere and silk, hip patterns and a British knitting magazine! Fleece Artist and Handpainted luxury yarns including sea silk and the new sea silk and wool sock yarn! Plus great kits and patterns and handcrafted shawl pins. Also Sheep Three yarns and lots of new Sheep Shop Yarn Co patterns..... We have three new One Planet Yarn and Fiber patterns releasing soon, knit patterns by Melissa Weherle and Gina House and a great crochet pattern in cashmere by Angela Best. Watch this spot!

But right now, enter the contest!! Just send in a photo, write a product review or simply link to us on your blog and web page with a button or a hyperlink! Let us know you did one of these things!- via email.

Thanks for looking!

PS. AND, don't forget the February BLOG discount code to use on all the lovely new yarns and other items listed on the site!! 10% off for One Planet Yarn and Fiber blog readers and also for current customers only! The discount code is BLOG. :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

The week of 2/19/2007-update

Happy Presidents Day! A US national holiday for our many international readers. It is an interesting holiday created to celebrate the birth of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of our most famous presidents. We used to celebrate each of their birthdays separately and then it was combined into one holiday. Hope some of you are having a long relaxing weekend.

We have a lot of new products this week at One Planet and many more coming in the following weeks. Every week, I'll try to post a few photos about the products and also tell a bit of history about each company.

Sheep Shop Yarn Company

First, Sheep Shop Yarn Company. I mentioned them last week, but now that all the new colors are updated, I thought you should know a bit about them. I first read an article about the founder of Sheep Shop in the weekly Knitters Review newsletter. You can read this same article by clicking here: About Sheep Shop Yarn Company. This article really is worth reading and it is part of what turned me on to this company. Sheep One is a single ply worsted weight wool. Sheep Two is a double ply bulky wool and knits up fast. Both come in a huge variety of amazing colors. We will have Sheep Three, the new yarn, in a few weeks. The owner, Fonnie, sent us a skein of Sheep 3 and I fell in love. It is a lovely soft DK weight yarn that is 70% merino and 30% silk. it comes in many of the same incredible colorways and the silk adds a really nice shine.

What can you do with Sheep One and Sheep Two? Well Sheep Shop has some lovely patterns for both the worsted and bulky weights. They are also releasing another dozen or so patterns. The most popular patterns are these shown below.. Using Sheep Shop one, the bag (which I JUST LOVE) and also the Cabled Rib Pullover - look at that color!

For Sheep Shop Two, the most popular patterns are the Seamless Chunky Raglan Sweater (the yarn for this G43 sells out on a consistent basis) and also the Shawl Cardigan-look at the colors! This yarn is color F31 and if you like green, this is your color.
Seamless Shawl-Cardigan

We stock all the colors now of Sheep Shop but in quantity, many have to be special ordered, but that is ok, it doesn't take long. Just order the items and we will let you know the estimated time of arrival.
There is a special offer for the next month on Sheep Shop Yarns-and other items :) You still can use the discount code BLOG to get 10% off your order.. See what you get for being a faithful reader? Last week, many people took us up on this offer! Hint...the coupon is good for the whole month!

There are other patterns that work really well with the Sheep Shop Yarns. Make sure to check out our patterns sections for worsted weight yarn patterns and bulky weight yarn patterns for many other ideas. HINT-I am going to make Ariann by Chic Knits with colorway G148, an incredible new Sheep Shop Color. Sheep One would also work great for Wendy Bernard's Flair pattern.


This next company, Woolpets, really deserves an entire blog post of its own but we have so many new things it is hard to do. I first heard about Woolpets from my friend, the Yarn Pirate. She was raving on her blog about their needle felting kits. I just looked and she has photos up too!! I fell in love with them too, being a pet lover and fiber lover and all . I think I am going to make every one of them because I want to learn how to needle felt and I want to have my own little collection of Woolpets right here next to my computer while I work. One of the most interesting facts about Woolpets is that Laurie and her husband, the owner (gosh I don't know his name, sorry to refer to him as the husband! HAHA) raise their own sheep!! So all of the fiber for the Woolpets kits come from their own sheep. These make the cutest presents for just about any fiber lover including yourself. Make a sleepy sheep or a penguin..!
il_430xN.6089622 il_430xN.6089133

Coming Soon

Lots and lots of yarns from Yarn Botanika including tons of handpainted miscellaneous yarns (cashmere, silk, wool, etc) and the introduction of our new Radiance line of yarns. More about that later including a special pattern release and very cool kits designed by Gina House of Sleepy Eyes Knitting. We also have new shipments coming from Marions Sock Yarns in Germany (these are amazing) and the entire line of Hipknits Yarns and patterns from England. Within a few weeks, Llamajamas products will be here and also lots and lots from Fleece Artist and Handmaiden of Canada! These will all get their own special blog posts so keep an eye out!

Thanks for reading......And don't forget the BLOG discount code, just for you!

Monday, February 12, 2007

February 12th week------

What's new this week in the shop? So many items.

First, all of the brand new Wooldancer sock yarns have been listed on One Planet. These yarns come to us all the way from Australia. Wooldancer yarns are absolutely amazing. The sock yarn is 100% pure Australian wool. The fiber content is 100% superwash merino and this yarn is super soft and squishy. What gorgeous hanks of yarn!! These yarns are truly some of the nicest sock yarns I have ever seen. The fiber is very high quality and the colors and color choices are brilliant.
Each colorway is so unique and the depth and mix of colors show this fiber artist's talent! Here is one of Michelle's yarns entitles Sting of the Thai Orchid!! I mean, have you ever seen anything so gorgeous in your life!! The feel, the color, just too yummy for words! Michelle also has an ETSY shop, so make sure to check that out as well...

We also have about 20 new colors of Sheep Shop One and Sheep Shop Two yarns. These yarns are from Uruguay and are just wonderful. Sheep Shop One is a heavy worsted yarn in a single ply. and Sheep Shop Two is a bulky weight yarn. Both are handpainted and 100% merino yarn and they are incredible to work with. Sheep Three will be here soon. We are the exclusive online only seller for Sheep Shop Yarns so we wanted to have every single color available and every single pattern. They are not all up yet in the shop, but they will be soon. There are quite a few new patterns also coming soon. For now, please check out all the of brilliant colorways!! There are so many! Here are a few of the new colors....

We have lots of new handpainted fibers listed and an entirely new shipment of Woolyvine spindles. Not only are there stone spindles but there are a few with glass whorls as well. Take a look at these!! They are gorgeous. Later this week, we should have about 10 or so new Traveler Spindle kits. Those were the kits featured in Spin Of Magazine last fall.... Watch for these.......

What else? We have lots of new magazines and books in!! Including the three new Interweave Press titles just released and these are hard to get! Lace Style, No Sheep for You and Favorite Socks. All really great books with beautiful patterns..... We keep selling them as they are listed but more are on order..

Coming soon...gorgeous sock yarns from Germany called Marion's Sock Yarns, a new line of Yarn Botanika yarns that is very special, lots of other unusual Yarn Botanika hand dyes, Llamajamas yarns, patterns and fun finished stuff for kids, Marie Grace Smith knitting patterns, new orders from Yarn Pirate and hopefully Monsoon Winds/Yarnahoy, Hipknits yarns, patterns, magazines and other items from England and more!! We also have several pattern releases including another crochet pattern for Black Pearl Yarns cashmere and quite a few patterns for Lanas Puras yarns.

OH, do you get Interweave Knits? We will have copies in the store any day now for sale. See our ad on page 53. We went in with a group of people and it turned out great I think....Take a look!

PS Our contest is still going on!! Write a product review or send in a photo of something you have made with our yarns for a drawing entry.
PPS Did you read this far??? Good for you!!! Want to try something new in our store? Use the discount code BLOG when you place an order as a reward for getting this far!! Receive 10% off your entire order... The BLOG coupon is good until the end of this month...for those who really read our posts :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Flair - Lanas Puras Melosa a recommended yarn!

Have all of you seen Wendy Bernards new "Flair" pattern up at her blog?

Is that too cute for words or what?? NOTE that she mentions Lanas Puras Melosa as a substitute yarn!! I think we are going to actually order that yarn in chocolate brown in honor of this new pattern and call it Flair!! We are about to order some new solids anyhow, including eggplant, a pale pink and a pale blue. Plus we are getting a series of new colorways that we are designing ourselves.... A nice semi-solid chocolate might work great for that pattern too. Flair in eggplant? Fabulous....

Congrats on another winner pattern Wendy....!
Wendy is amazing. Isn't she a talented designer? She is a nice person too. What more can you ask for? Can you imagine what her book is going to be like??

We have so many yarns and things to post over the next week, keep your eyes peeled on the site........I'll show photos as we go along. We have lots of new spindles including new stone spindles and a new design in gorgeous glass. Wooldancer yarns from Australia are here and they are some of the most amazing sock yarns I have seen. Michele uses 100% pure Australian merino wool and you can just feel the quality. More aboutt his soon. We have a whole new load of Sheep Shop Yarns (including samples of the new Sheep 3 coming soon (merino and silk-yum yum) and some new patterns they are releasing soon. We ordered every single color since were are now the only online only shop to carry Sheep Shop yarns. Our new Lanas Puras Clarissa is here, and next week we will be introducing a new Yarn Botanika yarn line..... There are also at least two new patterns coming out in Februrary, maybe three!

Happy Weekend.....!

Monday, February 05, 2007

A special promotion and new products this week

We sent out a newsletter announcing a special promotion! Hopefully it was not confusing to anyone. Simply, if you write a product review on our site OR if you send in via email to us a photo of something you have made with one of our yarns, you are entered into a drawing. You can do both and get several entries!! At the end of the month we will draw out quite a few prizes. The first prize is a coupon for for 40% off any ONE product. A great time to get a beautiful handwoven shawl or cashmere or a Honeycakes Needle Roll. The second price is 20% off your entire order, and the third prize is 15% off your entire order. Then there are several runner up prizes. It is SUPER easy to enter!! If you go onto the site and look at any product, underneath the product listing, there is a place to write a customer review. Just like how has it and other sites. So if you love a certain yarn or Indie person, please enter the contest!! We have had several reviews and several photos sent to us!! I'll be making a readers gallery for photos on the site.

In new product news this week, we got a great shipment of yarns and fibers from Sereknity. Her work is simply top notch! There is no other way to say it. She uses very high quality fiber for her yarns. She sent us quite a few gorgeous sock yarns. Look at this Blue Hawaii followed by McIntosh. Her color sense and depth of colors in her dye is fantastic. If you like sock yarns, you really must try her yarns. They are also wonderful for shawls and other items.

Heather of Sereknity also sent in lovely spinning fibers. Her fibers are some of the very nicest I have truly ever seen. No felting here!! They are soft, fluffy, and draft easily. The colors are brilliant!! Check out my favorite one, IGGY!!

What else is coming soon... Wooldancer Yarns from Australia! I will post some photos and a bio about our fabulous indie dyer Michelle. We also have discovered some very interesting indie yarn spinners/dyers in other countries. We will be getting some incredibly beautiful yarns from South Africa soon from a most interesting fiber artist there. And also some lovely spring dyed merino from a woman in Germany. More on this soon. I'll try to post more about new products after they are in the store rather than before!

I also posted several new sock kits..... These include a hand sewn sock bag by Knitted bits, a handpainted skein of yarn, a set of Chiagoo Double pointed needles and a downloadable sock pattern. Here is a sample of one kit. These are a wonderful value and lots of fun too!!

That is it for now!

Please, help us out and write a product review for a yarn or product you really liked!! And send in photos! Photos should be sent to

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Introducing a New Crochet Pattern-the Barely There Camisole

This beautiful crochet camisole was designed by Angela Best of Toronto, Canada. Angela is a very talented crochet designer. Watch soon for a release of her second Black Pearl Yarns crochet pattern. There are two versions of the Barely There camisole pattern. One version, shown in black onyx below, has a ribbon trim around the top. We are pleased that this pattern fits all sizes from XS-3X. We have a commitment to publishing patterns that fit all sizes of women everywhere. Our wide range of sizes will also apply to any patterns developed for children and men as well.

The Barely There camisole uses only two to three skeins of Black Pearl Yarns Cashmere yarn. The colorways shown are Cherry Blossom and Black Onyx. This camisole is perfect for a night out on the town or to wear under a jacket. This new crochet pattern is available for instant download purchase at One Planet Yarn and Fiber now!

**Interested in buying both the pattern and the yarn? Email us at for a special discount coupon!

Another important note. Going forward, of our patterns now have both US and metric measurements. We have a very fast growing international group of customers and we want all of our patterns and yarns to make sense to you! Slowly we will be updating all the products on the site to reflect international standards.