Saturday, August 28, 2010

4 days left!

I am taking a short break tomorrow and heading to a Spin In. I need the time away. LOL!

I worked on paperwork most of the week, but I also managed to order a few more things. I've added in 3 new suppliers this week. I very pleased to be offering product from these companies. I will announce everything the the email newsletter from the store website on Wednesday. I'll try to include some images of the products due in. It will take me a few days to receive the goodies before they will be available on the website.

One Planet

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Monday again!

I have gotten so much done this past week. I can't wait to open on the 1st!

I have been in touch with several of our suppliers today and I have started to order new products and refresh some of the standards. I have really enjoyed talking to these people. They have all been so supportive.

I actually sent out 3 orders today! 2 were pattern orders and one was for my own handpainted rovings from my Etsy store. I need to move it all over into the One Planet website once I get a chance.

I've got 2 fleeces to prep too. One is a Lincoln sheep named Leonardo. I started working on him in June. I have washed the fleece several times and I am now sorting it out into locks and fiber for carding.

The second fleece is from an Alpaca rescue here in Arizona. Skippy's fleece is so soft. I can't wait to start working with him. I also received some Llama from there too. It would be good for felting with.

Leonardo appears on my Sharptalk Handcrafts Fan page on Facebook. It's in the photo albums for June 2010.

Be talking to you soon!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yummy Yarns!

It was a great pleasure to unpack all the yarn and fiber. The feel is so luxurious. Each box and bag yielded another splendor to behold. I've included images from Monday's work. This is just about 1/3 of the inventory and much of it moved on Tuesday' I'll get those pictures up soon.

Pictures from Sunday night

I The first few pictures are of all the bags and boxes that it took to move things here Sunday.

One Planet Yarn and Fiber

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greetings from Karen

Hello All,
I am the new owner of One Planet Yarn and Fiber. I am really excited about this. I love to work with yarn and fiber and I have been a member of Ravelry since this past winter.

I am in the process of unpacking and sorting all the inventory into it's proper places and learning how to use the online store software.

I'll start posting to the One Planet blog as I go along here so you can see my progress. The blog will also show some of my work, and some of yours as I get all this going again.

My user name on Ravelry is sharptalk. I also am starting a fan club on Facebook so you will be able to join me there too. You will also be able to converse with other One Planet addicts from around the world.

Best Regards,

PS-This same note will appear on the Ravelry page today, so please pardon the repeats.