Saturday, September 29, 2007

It Feels Like A Holiday!

It always feels like a holiday at One Planet lately-because we keep getting in new boxes of incredible items. I don't know how long this will last-adding new things-because we are running of room, but in the meantime it is really fun.

We are very excited to have added on some of LaLana Wool's yarns and patterns and kits. They are honestly the most gorgeous out there. The yarns are plant dyed yarns. The owner of LaLana is an amazing women who has been into natural dyes for many many years. Some of the plants that are used are wildcrafted in New Mexico. We just went crazy in their store when visiting in Taos and we wanted to offer these yarns and products to our customers. Yes you can also order direct from LaLana but anything you buy also is eligible for our customer bonus programs, so there are benefits to buying the items through us.

We have the Streakers yarn line which is gorgeous and many of the patterns are designed for Streakers! yarn. Not only that, any pattern which uses worsted weight yarn, can use Streakers yarn. We have a whole section on our site of "patterns for worsted weight yarn" so make sure to consider these. If you buy yarn for a specific Streakers pattern, the pattern is free!!

Here are just a few photos to make you get all excited and happy like we do when we look at yarn and pattern photos. First, Day-O and Oriental Blue Streak Streakers Yarns. Absolutely beautiful!

Here the Berry Shady Cardigan pattern, designed by Valentine Devine, which can be made in any color of Streakers Yarn. Love this!!

Please go take a look at the LaLana Wool section on our site and you will see how incredible their yarns are. We can't show everything here. We are able to get any kit , yarn or pattern for you from there. And we are working together with LaLana on a new project we hope will work out!!!

What else is new? We are so excited to finally post The Plucky Knitter yarns to our site!! We have been waiting for these hand dyed gems for months! Sarah , of the Plucky Knitter is an amazing fiber artist. She spends a great deal of time making each sure each skein is just right. She did a wonderful job sending us these absolutely incredible superwash blue faced leicester sock yarns. For all you indie sock yarn lovers, make sure to try these. They are machine washable and and blue face is as soft as merino only more durable for socks. These are so beautiful............ Here is a little view of some of her beautiful colorways.........

Plucky Mosaic

Other new things coming in the next few weeks.....a new shipment of Avi Wasserman Spindles, many new Fleece Artist and HandMaiden yarns and knit kits, Jo Sharp Silkroad yarns -DK Tweed and Aran tweed (scrumptuous!) and alpaca kid lustre, and much much more! OH, almost forgot, we have many new items in from Perl Grey Studios. Perl Grey is the sister company to Fleece Artist. They have a new line of stitch markers which I just love. My favorite new item is the stitch marker necklace, five stitch markers you wear around your neck so you always have one if you need it :) There are many other new Perl Grey items too, so take a look!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Introducing Desert Nights Shawl Kit and Pattern

Autumn is officially here and the evenings are getting cooler. Why not throw a lovely shawl made with Lanas Puras Melosa over your shoulders!?? We are so pleased to announce the release of the lovely Desert Nights Shawl designed by Pam Covert. Pam is the talented designer who also designed the Llama Bag, an exclusive pattern for One Planet Yarn and Fiber, in Lanas Puras Melosa. This shawl has the beautiful wool to keep you warm but is surprisingly light. The pattern includes both knit and crochet versions using large sized needles and airy stitches to create a light and drapey fabric you’ll love to wear on a cool evening anywhere. Large stitches mean these shawls work up quickly, making them a great gift giving project! The stitches used are easily mastered by the beginning stitcher.

The first photograph shows the knit version of the shawl.

The second photograph shows how differently the pattern looks using the same lovely Lanas Puras Melosa colorways, but in a crochet version.

Here are a few shots of the two versions side-by-side. Both of them are really beautiful and make a perfect accessory for fall.

We are proud to release this pattern in a kit which comes complete with all 5 skeins necessary to make either a knit or crocheted shawl as shown along with the pattern download. The kit includes a discount on the Lanas Puras Melosa as well as a FREE pattern! The pattern download is also be available for sale.

Watch this site over the next few months for more fabulous patterns and kits in Lanas Puras Melosa, Lanas Puras Clarissa and Black Pearl cashmere yarns!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rebecca Magazines and GGH Yarns!

We are really excited to have just added Rebecca pattern magazines and GGH yarns from Germany to One Planet Yarn and Fiber! Rebecca Magazines are well known for their fashion forward designs and we think you will find at least five or six patterns within each issue that you will want to make just for yourself!!

If you go to One Planet and click on each Rebecca issue you will be taken to a web page that shows a sampling of the patterns from each issue along with the yarns you need!

My creation

We have three of the GGH yarns in stock right now in fairly large quantities with more colors coming. GGH Bel Air is an amazing yarn. Bel Air is a soft and lofty yarn that almost looks like a single ply but it isn't. It is spun from pure merino and just a touch of nylon has been added for strength. We have a new yarn this year from GGH, Cumba, which is also very soft and luxurious. It is spun from merino, alpaca and microfiber. Then we added a luxury staple, GGH Soft Kid. There is an entire pattern book devoted to GGH Soft Kid. This yarn is so soft and it is even next to your skin soft because it is spun from kid mohair. The patterns are really fantastic so make sure to click to look at them!

We are having an introductory special for the rest of September only, 10% off Rebecca magazines and GGH yarns. Use the coupon code GGH at checkout!! You must spend at least $ 35.00 to receive this discount, however! We know you will love making projects with these gorgeous yarns.

Coming next week.......another new pattern for Lanas Puras Melosa yarns from Pam Covert who designed the Llama Bag, a new shipment of yarns from Chewy Spaghetti, and more photos showing you Jo Sharp designs along with the yarn requirements. Jo Sharp yarns are too special for words and so are the patterns. So we have started scanning the pattern photos and listing yarn requirements for them. This will be a big project so stay tuned. But you can see a mosaic below of some of the patterns for Alpaca Silk Georgette yarn which we have in stock. The yarn requirements are listed on this page (CLICK HERE) of our website.

My creation

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Many New Colors of Sea Silk & Hip Knits

What's new this week?

We just reached our 1000th product! Hard to believe that we have that many items isn't it?!!

We had a very large shipment of Sea Silk Yarn come in from Hand Maiden Yarns. Just so everyone knows, the price went up slightly and probably will have to be raised again as it will at every other store that sells this yarn. Our exchange rate is really getting worse!! It is amazing the difference from only six months ago. Plus there was a price increase in the yarn itself. Still it is so gorgeous and when you think that two skeins make you a gorgeous silk shawl for around 65.00 or so that really is not expensive for a hand knit luxury item.

Straw is a new color for us:

Stone is a beautiful "newer" color

And many many customer favorites like glacier, are back in stock!

We also are currently uploading a new shipment from HipKnits in the UK. There are new self striping sock yarns spun from blue faced leicester yarn, and a luxury sock yarn that is 50% alpaca and 50% blue faced. Here is one pretty luxury sock yarn.

And then wow, look at this colorway. I am tempted to grab this for my own stash! This is a 90% wool, 10% nylon sock yarn and it is gorgeous!!!

Next week you are going to see a gorgeous new shawl pattern release by Pam Covert. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa and there is a crochet version and knit version. These shawls are gorgeous beyond words!! The GGH yarn and BRAND NEW Rebecca magazines for fall arrived today but we need a bit of web work to get them up! And many more exciting items.

Just an update for all of you. I hope you check our "What's New" page routinely and also put us on your bloglines blogroll

Monday, September 03, 2007

New Patterns for Fall in Lanas Puras Melosa!!

Fall will soon be upon us and what better way to celebrate the end of summer than to knit something new and beautiful! We are super excited to release two gorgeous new patterns in our very own Lanas Puras Melosa that will help you transition in style to the cooler weather.

The Cable Pleated Skirt is a chic pattern designed by Shirley MacNulty. Shirley is a professional knitwear designer, teacher, author and technical editor, and is a charter member and jury coordinator of the Association of Knitwear Designers (International). She is also a member of the National Needlearts Association, the Knitting Guild Association, and the Blue Ridge Fiber Guild. She has a great deal of experience designing patterns for both knitting companies and magazines.

The Cable Pleated Skirt is Shirley's first pattern designed exclusively for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and is shown here in Lanas Puras Melosa, fingering weight, in the blueberry colorway. The skirt is knit from the top down, a method that makes it easy to try on the skirt as you knit to be sure of the fit. The style is a simple classic, flattering to almost any body shape and can be knit in either a fashionable above-the-knee length as shown or in a longer length. It looks wonderful with boots or flats.

Analise is a fabulous dress designed by the talented Amy Marshall. Amy learned to hand knit in college from a performer she worked with at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. Later, in her college career she learned to machine knit on a hand loom, incorporating several knit pieces in her senior collection and she quickly began designing and knitting her own patterns. Amy started selling some of her handcrafted items in 2004 when she left the corporate world to work independently and began designing and writing patterns for publication in 2006. You can visit her Etsy store to shop for some of her lovely handcrafted items. Analise is a simple, but stunning cowl neck dress which looks fabulous over a pair of leggings with or without a shirt layered underneath it. The ribbon tie provides flattering shaping. The design works beautifully with handpainted variegated yarn and features our own Lanas Puras Melosa fingering weight yarn shown here in the Sunset colorway.

Watch this space for many more exciting patterns to come in the next few months designed with Lanas Puras Melosa, Lanas Puras Clarissa and Black Pearl cashmere yarns.

Please join our Knitters Group, a Knit-A-Long (KAL) space for all the patterns and yarns you purchase through One Planet Yarn and Fiber. To join the KAL, email Connie Chang at

Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Knitters Group! New Yarns!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new "Knitters Group". It is set up like any Knit-A-Long and we hope that many of you will participate. It is a place to show off the yarns and patterns and projects that you purchased through One Planet Yarn and Fiber. It is also a place to ask questions and get support. Many of the designers who work with us are members of the KAL as well. Please sign up! If you are interested in joining, send an email to Connie Chang who is our new Knitting Group Coordinator. You can reach her at

We just posted some gorgeous new yarns! Heather from Sereknity sent a new shipment of her brand new Sock Options yarn. She has a new fiber that is gorgeous. It is spun from superwash merino and bamboo and it has a nice sheen to it plus it is strong and machine washable. Heathers colors are so pretty. Here are two of our favorites All Hallows and Blue Hawaii.

We also received the most incredible shipment of yarn from Wooldancer in Australia. This yarn is hand selected pure Australian merino. This merino is processed without chemicals. Michelle, who is the fiber artist that owns Wooldancer is a talented artist. These skeins of yarns are so gorgeous, they look like watercolor paintings to me! I think they would make an incredible shawl or scarf in addition to beautiful socks. Here are two of our most favorite colors, Fairy Dust and Sacred Space.

Coming soon......a huge shipment from Hand Maiden yarns with many new colors of Sea Silk. We have trouble keeping Sea Silk yarn in stock for very long and the price is going up with this new shipment. Right now, all the skeins left of Sea Silk are still at the older price so if you want to take advantage, now is the time. We also have many new skeins of Lanas Puras melosa including new colors that will be going up this weekend and new patterns will be releasing next week! Please sign up for the One Planet Knitters Group and put the KAL on your bloglines list as well! Thanks for reading........