Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Many New Colors of Sea Silk & Hip Knits

What's new this week?

We just reached our 1000th product! Hard to believe that we have that many items isn't it?!!

We had a very large shipment of Sea Silk Yarn come in from Hand Maiden Yarns. Just so everyone knows, the price went up slightly and probably will have to be raised again as it will at every other store that sells this yarn. Our exchange rate is really getting worse!! It is amazing the difference from only six months ago. Plus there was a price increase in the yarn itself. Still it is so gorgeous and when you think that two skeins make you a gorgeous silk shawl for around 65.00 or so that really is not expensive for a hand knit luxury item.

Straw is a new color for us:

Stone is a beautiful "newer" color

And many many customer favorites like glacier, are back in stock!

We also are currently uploading a new shipment from HipKnits in the UK. There are new self striping sock yarns spun from blue faced leicester yarn, and a luxury sock yarn that is 50% alpaca and 50% blue faced. Here is one pretty luxury sock yarn.

And then wow, look at this colorway. I am tempted to grab this for my own stash! This is a 90% wool, 10% nylon sock yarn and it is gorgeous!!!

Next week you are going to see a gorgeous new shawl pattern release by Pam Covert. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa and there is a crochet version and knit version. These shawls are gorgeous beyond words!! The GGH yarn and BRAND NEW Rebecca magazines for fall arrived today but we need a bit of web work to get them up! And many more exciting items.

Just an update for all of you. I hope you check our "What's New" page routinely and also put us on your bloglines blogroll

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