Sunday, January 28, 2007

Amazing Scarves and Shawls from Chile

We mentioned Quedicha in a previous blog post. These absolutely gorgeous scarves and shawls are either woven or knit by hand by women who live in Chile. They work under the direction of an amazing young woman named Vivi. I have seen items just like this in art galleries for two to three times this price! Really, she should charge more for her work! The photographs don't even capture how beautiful the color and fibers are. All of them are very soft and made with unusual fibers that are not found often in the US.

All of Quedicha's items can really be worn year round as they are so light and soft and because of the fibers she uses, they seem to breathe.

Visit our Quedicha from Chile section on One Planet Yarn and Fiber to see all of the scarves and shawls. We will be getting some other really interesting items soon including handwovens for the home like pillows and also some handcrafted shawl pins. We love working with Vivi as she is such an extremely devoted and talented young woman. Thanks Vivi for all your hard work on our behalf! She literally has combed the Chilean countryside looking for items for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and we appreciate it!!

Here are two samples of two of my favorite shawls. This first one is hand knit and I am in love with the colors!! It is so soft!!

This second shawl is handwoven and is a bright multicolor shawl. I have to admit, our new model looks good in everything she wears!

Other news this week..... We have a new pattern releasing in just a few short days!. This is an incredible pattern using Black Pearl Yarns cashmere. It only uses a small amount which is what is so wonderful. The pattern was designed by Angela Best who also designed this well known Bolero you see below. You might recognize this from the Stitch N Bitch Crochet book by Debbie Stoller.

Remember this very popular pattern??

You'll see two of Angela Best's crochet designs right here in this space. One this week and hopefully the other within a few weeks!
Other patterns coming soon? Wow, so many. Just a hint incredibly adorable girls sweater by Melissa Wehrle, and adult womens sweater by the Zephyr gals, a fun skirt, a few felted bags, felted kits by Sara Lucas, crochet and knit shawls, etc... Watch this space for pattern and product releases!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Introducing the Cabo Hoodie

We are excited to introduce a new sweater pattern, the "Cabo Hoodie." This adorable girl and boys pullover hoodie was designed by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic. Many of you are familiar with Wendy's incredible designs. If not, please check out this pattern and also her web blog. Not only are there exciting patterns for sale, but she is a funny and talented writer.

This pattern uses the Lanas Puras Melosa worsted weight yarn. This yarn is a beautiful soft merino handpainted in an array of brilliant colors. Lanas Puras Melosa also comes in lace and fingering weights. We have quite a incrdible patterns coming soon! Please make sure to read our blog to see all of the additions coming to the Lanas Puras line of yarns. We are having a Cabo Hoodie kit special. If you buy the Cabo Hoodie pattern, you can receive 10% off the Melosa yarn that you need to make the project. We have added quite a few new colors that are great for girls and boys! As a special bonus, while you are buying the Cabo Hoodie pattern and yarn for it, receive 10% off any other Melosa yarn as well. We just added quite a bit of new stock including lots of new colors!! Take a look and act quickly because new colors of Lanas Puras Melosa go quickly!!! Use the discount code CABO at checkout to get a discount, but you must by the pattern with the yarn!
Cabo Hoodie by Wendy Bernard
Make sure while you are on our site, to also check out the "What's New section." Just in are contemporary fabric needle holders from Honeycake Designs have been added, wonderful new yarns from Peace of Vermont and lots of new patterns. Piece of Vermont yarns are incredibly beautiful. I have never seen dyeing like this. If you look closely, you see many subtle variations of color. Take a look!

Thanks always for your support!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Week of January 20th

A great deal is going to be happening in the next few weeks. Here is an update.

First if you go to the Lanas Puras section of the store, you will notice some big changes. That is because we will be greatly expanding our line of artisan yarns from South America. There are four lines of yarns and each of them will come in various weights. The Lanas Puras merino yarn that has been very popular is now listed under the name "Melosa". Melosa means sweet in Spanish. We are getting a new order in tomorrow so please watch the store because the fingering weight colors sell out very quickly. We have several new colors coming in in all three knitting weights. Melosa is simply a fantastic yarn. It a very soft spun merino in beautiful colors. The lace and fingering weight are a single ply which add to their unusual beauty. The worsted weight makes a beautiful sweater, as you will see this week...

Clarissa is another gorgeous yarn that comes from Argentina. I flipped when I saw this yarn because I am always in search of non-wool yarns to make items out of. It is pretty soft, but it can be mixed with any other yarn, even a single strand cotton would give it more structure. It can be used alone in shawls or scarves but probably should be mixed with something for other use. We hope to develop some interesting patterns for this. Designers take note! If you want to challenge yourself, this would be a wonderful yarn to do it with.

Here is a photo of Clarissa and it will be in stock within two weeks:
There are other yarn lines, including Calma, that will be here in a few months!!!! You will love it:)

We have the cutest pattern on earth releasing this week. It is by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic, one of my favorite designers to work with, and one of the nicest people I have met in this industry! This sweater is honestly too adorable for words! Watch this site on about Wednesday for details!!

Also we have many other patterns releasing in the next two-three months. Felted kits, felted bags, sweaters, crochet camisoles and shrugs, shawls, socks, etc... We have some extremely talented designers working with us. A speical thank you to our talented Creative Director Melissa who is unbelievably talented,creative and smart and who makes me laugh each and every day.

We are adding several new internationally based companies. You can read about Llamajamas and HipKnits on our site. We are lucky to have both of these companies-more about them soon! We also will be adding Marie Grace's patterns in download and hardcopy form so we are thrilled about this.

This week we are receiving in the mail, an incredibly gorgeous line of handwoven and handknit shawls from Chile. These are made by Vivi who is a very talented fiber artist. Vivi and I have become good friends and we email a lot. I find her to be one of the most talented fiber artists I have ever met. Her items have a real artisan look to them and are so creative!. We hope to carry many more of her items so please keep an eye on her store section on One Planet. Here is a scarf/shawl that we will be getting. Vivi uses local fibers, naurally dyed materials and mixes and matches fibers and colors in unusual and astounding ways. YES, we are CRAZY about Quedicha!

Yarn Botanika will have a complete rehaul and there will be 7 or 8 new yarns! We are also super excited about this. I will make a separate post about this sometime next week! But watch for quite a few yarns pouring into the site.

We are also researching many other companies and we will be adding them slowly. We are planning a new section of the site that will carry all "Made in America" yarns. These are yarns that are spun from the fiber of local sheep, many from small farms and many organic.

If you ever have suggestions for unusual yarns, fibers, spindles, patterns, or other accessories related to knitting, crochet or spinning, drop us a line! Just click on CONTACT US on the top navigation bar of the site.

Happy week of January 20th!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Call for submissions

Hello All!

One Planet Yarn and Fiber is looking for submissions to compliment our exclusive yarn lines. We are looking for all types of projects, focusing mainly on: smaller projects, shawls, bags, socks, household items, and sweaters. Please note we are also looking for crochet and felted designs in those categories along with knitted items.

We are focusing on developing patterns for our Lanas Puras line of yarns, which come in worsted, fingering, and lace weights. However, we have some new things coming soon that will also need pattern support.

We will supply yarn for all projects and designers will have 45 days from yarn receipt to complete the project. Photography, tech editing and all graphic work (schematics and graphs) will be provided.

In addition to any design ideas you may send, we would love to see some of your past work to get an idea of your design style and experience. Don't have prior experience? Don't fret! We are always looking for fresh talent also.

Please send all sketches and swatches to Melissa by Jan 29th: melissa AT oneplanetyarnandfiber DOT com

If you have any questions or would like more details, please feel free to email me!


Melissa Wehrle
Creative Director
One Planet Yarn and Fiber

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is new??

We have quite many new items with more coming.

A few weeks ago, wee got in this beautiful Fiber Jewelry from Rebecca Smith. We met her at an art fair and couldn't believe the earrings and pendants were made from fine fiber. They really are beautiful and they go with many items. Please see Rebeccas work under her section on our site.

Here is one photo of a pair of earrings and another of my favorite pendant.

We have quite a few patterns from Heartstring listed on the page now. It is wonderful that all of these patterns are available to you in download format!! Heartstrings patterns are some of the best patterns I have seen. They are written very clearly and have good charts. Please check the section called Heartstrings on the site under Patterns by yarn company. Here are photos of one beautiful scarves/shawls: Crest of the Wave. This would be beautiful in Lanas Puras lace weight yarn or Yarn Botanika merino and tencel yarn.


We also just listed theBees Knees Patterns and they are now all up on the site although the photos still need some fine tweaking. These patterns are too cute!! They were designed for sock yarn (solids and self-patterning) which is such a clever idea! BUT, they also work fantastically with handpainted yarns which is why I got them.

Here are two of my favorites! Avery and Ruby.


We also added four great patterns from Chic Knits this week. They are listed on their own page HERE! I love these patterns and I hope all of her other patterns will soon be available for wholesale. We have Ribby Pulli, Ribby Cardi, Ariann(I want to make this!!) and Cece. Here is a photo of Ariann. We have even more patterns we purchasing soon and also a few more pattern releases soon, two Lanas Puras sweaters for children and the cutest crochet tops in Black Pearl Cashmere yarn.

The other very exciting news, is that by the end of this month, we will have a whole new line of Yarn Botanika yarns in several fibers and in just about every knitting weight! We have been working hard with our supplier on this overseas and we can't wait for them to come in and for you to see them..... More on this soon!

Monday, January 01, 2007

One Week Sale!!

One Planet Yarn and Fiber – ONE WEEK SALE!

Start the New Year of 2007 with a new knitting project and try some exciting and unique yarns!

We thank all of you for your interest in our new store. We have been doing well and this enables us to seek out other yarns from around the world. Wait until you see some of the really incredible yarns and patterns we are adding soon! We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!!

In order to thank our customers for visiting our store, we offer this one week only special New Year Sale.

This one week sale starts today Monday, January 1st and ends Sunday January 7th at 12 pm Pacific Standard Time! The discount codes will not work after this time period.

We rarely offer these discounts on these product categories so take advantage now.

There are two discount levels, 15% and 10% off. EACH discount level has a separate discount code. This is because of how our website is set up and we apologize if this is confusing. You can enter BOTH discount codes if you buy items out of both categories. You can also use the discount codes multiple times within this week if you decide, but they are ONLY available this week!

For the following companies/products, we are offering 15% off. Use the discount code FIFTEEN in the discount code box for these yarns:

-Black Pearl Yarns-100% Cashmere, 4 ply DK weight in all available colors

-Yarn Botanika Yarns-merino sock yarn and merino tencel yarn

Make sure to choose of our new yarn patterns to go with your yarns. We rarely will have the cashmere yarn or sock yarns at this special price. We have many new patterns, with more coming soon, so take a look.

For the following companies/products, we are offering 10% off. Use the discount code TEN for these items/categories.

-Lanas Puras Yarns-Lace Weight, Fingering Weight and Worsted Weight Yarns

-All Indie Yarn Companies- including Sunshine Yarns, Monsoon Winds/Yarnahoy, A Piece of Vermont, Felt Studio-UK, RMD designs, Yarn Pirate and Sereknity yarns. Incredible handpainted sock yarn, handspun and other yarns. Be adventurous!! There are many pattern ideas for all of these yarns in our pattern section.

-ChiaoGoo Bamboo Needles-Circular Needles, Double Point Needles, Straight Needles

-Spinning Fiber-All HandPainted Spinning Fibers are 10% off. These are rarely on sale and this is a special one week offer only.

-SheepShop Yarns-Sheep Shop One (worsted weight) and Sheep Shop Two (bulky weight) handpainted yarns from Uruguay.

-SOAK Wool Wash Products-10% of the SOAK 16 ounce bottles, or the starter kit. Available in three great fragrances-citrus,aquae and flora.

-Needle Felting Kit-Includes needle felting supplies and a pattern for a beautiful and large bag to hold your knitting supplies.

In addition, any total orders greater than $ 100.00 or more (the total order amount after discounts) will receive free shipping. We will credit the shipping amount back to you on either your credit card or your paypal account. It will not show up on your final invoice.

There are other great products that are not offered at a discount, but will help bring your total order up plus they are just beautiful. Please check out Lee Chesson’s gorgeous handcrafted wood knitting needles, Honeycakes Designs beautiful and contemporary needle organizers, Monsoon Winds' handwoven shawls and bags and Rebecca Smith's gorgeous and unusual jewelry made from yarn and fiber.

Thank you and please email us at if you have questions.

Remember, the discount codes are TEN and FIFTEEN and they can be used together or separately and multiple times throughout the week! The codes are only valid until January 7th at midnight!! You place the discount code in the box when checking out. Orders over $100 will have their shipping amount refunded to them after the order is placed.

Thank you for your support, Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!!