Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Week of January 20th

A great deal is going to be happening in the next few weeks. Here is an update.

First if you go to the Lanas Puras section of the store, you will notice some big changes. That is because we will be greatly expanding our line of artisan yarns from South America. There are four lines of yarns and each of them will come in various weights. The Lanas Puras merino yarn that has been very popular is now listed under the name "Melosa". Melosa means sweet in Spanish. We are getting a new order in tomorrow so please watch the store because the fingering weight colors sell out very quickly. We have several new colors coming in in all three knitting weights. Melosa is simply a fantastic yarn. It a very soft spun merino in beautiful colors. The lace and fingering weight are a single ply which add to their unusual beauty. The worsted weight makes a beautiful sweater, as you will see this week...

Clarissa is another gorgeous yarn that comes from Argentina. I flipped when I saw this yarn because I am always in search of non-wool yarns to make items out of. It is pretty soft, but it can be mixed with any other yarn, even a single strand cotton would give it more structure. It can be used alone in shawls or scarves but probably should be mixed with something for other use. We hope to develop some interesting patterns for this. Designers take note! If you want to challenge yourself, this would be a wonderful yarn to do it with.

Here is a photo of Clarissa and it will be in stock within two weeks:
There are other yarn lines, including Calma, that will be here in a few months!!!! You will love it:)

We have the cutest pattern on earth releasing this week. It is by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic, one of my favorite designers to work with, and one of the nicest people I have met in this industry! This sweater is honestly too adorable for words! Watch this site on about Wednesday for details!!

Also we have many other patterns releasing in the next two-three months. Felted kits, felted bags, sweaters, crochet camisoles and shrugs, shawls, socks, etc... We have some extremely talented designers working with us. A speical thank you to our talented Creative Director Melissa who is unbelievably talented,creative and smart and who makes me laugh each and every day.

We are adding several new internationally based companies. You can read about Llamajamas and HipKnits on our site. We are lucky to have both of these companies-more about them soon! We also will be adding Marie Grace's patterns in download and hardcopy form so we are thrilled about this.

This week we are receiving in the mail, an incredibly gorgeous line of handwoven and handknit shawls from Chile. These are made by Vivi who is a very talented fiber artist. Vivi and I have become good friends and we email a lot. I find her to be one of the most talented fiber artists I have ever met. Her items have a real artisan look to them and are so creative!. We hope to carry many more of her items so please keep an eye on her store section on One Planet. Here is a scarf/shawl that we will be getting. Vivi uses local fibers, naurally dyed materials and mixes and matches fibers and colors in unusual and astounding ways. YES, we are CRAZY about Quedicha!

Yarn Botanika will have a complete rehaul and there will be 7 or 8 new yarns! We are also super excited about this. I will make a separate post about this sometime next week! But watch for quite a few yarns pouring into the site.

We are also researching many other companies and we will be adding them slowly. We are planning a new section of the site that will carry all "Made in America" yarns. These are yarns that are spun from the fiber of local sheep, many from small farms and many organic.

If you ever have suggestions for unusual yarns, fibers, spindles, patterns, or other accessories related to knitting, crochet or spinning, drop us a line! Just click on CONTACT US on the top navigation bar of the site.

Happy week of January 20th!

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