Sunday, January 28, 2007

Amazing Scarves and Shawls from Chile

We mentioned Quedicha in a previous blog post. These absolutely gorgeous scarves and shawls are either woven or knit by hand by women who live in Chile. They work under the direction of an amazing young woman named Vivi. I have seen items just like this in art galleries for two to three times this price! Really, she should charge more for her work! The photographs don't even capture how beautiful the color and fibers are. All of them are very soft and made with unusual fibers that are not found often in the US.

All of Quedicha's items can really be worn year round as they are so light and soft and because of the fibers she uses, they seem to breathe.

Visit our Quedicha from Chile section on One Planet Yarn and Fiber to see all of the scarves and shawls. We will be getting some other really interesting items soon including handwovens for the home like pillows and also some handcrafted shawl pins. We love working with Vivi as she is such an extremely devoted and talented young woman. Thanks Vivi for all your hard work on our behalf! She literally has combed the Chilean countryside looking for items for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and we appreciate it!!

Here are two samples of two of my favorite shawls. This first one is hand knit and I am in love with the colors!! It is so soft!!

This second shawl is handwoven and is a bright multicolor shawl. I have to admit, our new model looks good in everything she wears!

Other news this week..... We have a new pattern releasing in just a few short days!. This is an incredible pattern using Black Pearl Yarns cashmere. It only uses a small amount which is what is so wonderful. The pattern was designed by Angela Best who also designed this well known Bolero you see below. You might recognize this from the Stitch N Bitch Crochet book by Debbie Stoller.

Remember this very popular pattern??

You'll see two of Angela Best's crochet designs right here in this space. One this week and hopefully the other within a few weeks!
Other patterns coming soon? Wow, so many. Just a hint incredibly adorable girls sweater by Melissa Wehrle, and adult womens sweater by the Zephyr gals, a fun skirt, a few felted bags, felted kits by Sara Lucas, crochet and knit shawls, etc... Watch this space for pattern and product releases!

Thanks for looking!

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