Thursday, August 15, 2013

Something You Might Like-Early Days Of My Last Trip!

I left on a 3 week journey on June 20th and I have finally been able to organize the pictures a little bit.  The early part of my trip was in Columbus, Ohio.  I started out at my cousin's house and was able to see my only aunt.  My sister and dad flew in and we all had a fun weekend of dining together.

Aunt Barbara, my dad and cousin Robin

I had a great time at the TNNA show too, but I zoomed through there and will share my goodies in a different post.

Next stop-Maryland!  I had been able to snag a rare drop spindle from Hatchtown Farm and it was waiting for me at my sister's place.  Lucky for me I was able to get some Anzula BFL roving at the show so I had something to test it with.  It spins great!

Unfortunately, the movers did not pad my grandfather's sewing machine and it broke off the hinge.  We are still waiting for the movers to come and fix it, since May.  Sigh.

My sister and I went on a little side trip for 2 days.  We went out to Maryland's Eastern Shore.  We had a lovely time at the Inn at Perry Cabin.  The first wedding in the movie "Wedding Crashers" was filmed here.
Chesapeake Bay Bridge

This is an airfield for people who have homes that back up to this strip.  Their homes have small airplanes in the garage!

Marina outside Dirty Dave's
We stopped for lunch at a place called Dirty Dave's.  Crab, of course!

Once we were in our hotel room I couldn't help taking pictures.  It was so pretty!

My sister on the phone.

Second bathroom
The lovely pool
And a free champagne cocktail to relax with before the rains came.
We decided to stay in for dinner!
How could I resist that tub!  I had a rose scented bath bomb from LUSH with me.
The grounds were beautiful and I took several pictures.


Library with a hidden door!
Behind the door.  It's bigger on the inside.

Antique ink well.


Water sports

The inn had it's own bee keeper.  They have Linden trees.  Yes, I bought a tiny jar home.
The second day we drove down to the end of the coast.  There was a cute little bed a breakfast there.  More pictures!

We headed back into Saint Michael's for an ice tea break on our way back.  The town is charming.

Of course I found the local yarn shop!
I spotted this home on our way back home.
Next stop, my sister's house, where her cat finally decided I could be trusted.

My sister took me to her local farmer's market where this lovely shepherdess sells her yarn.  Kiparoo farm!

Doggies delight!
My sister!
I bought some Madelines from this well known bakery.
My daughter flew in on July 1st and started taking pictures.  This is a one of my parents wedding pictures-on the left.  On the right is my aunt whose picture was at the top of this post.
On July 2nd, my daughter and I packed up the car and headed west.  
The same weekend, my son was headed north from Arizona.  He moved up to Seattle.  Can't wait to visit him next month!  I love Seattle.
This is our drive west to Kentucky.  It poured on us through West Virginia.

First state line crossed!
We stopped in Clarksburg to visit the Stonewall Jackson statue.


My daughter can't resist being in front of her own camera.

Driving again!

First day adventure almost over.  The rain ended and we had a great sunset.  Next stop-Kentucky.