Saturday, September 29, 2007

It Feels Like A Holiday!

It always feels like a holiday at One Planet lately-because we keep getting in new boxes of incredible items. I don't know how long this will last-adding new things-because we are running of room, but in the meantime it is really fun.

We are very excited to have added on some of LaLana Wool's yarns and patterns and kits. They are honestly the most gorgeous out there. The yarns are plant dyed yarns. The owner of LaLana is an amazing women who has been into natural dyes for many many years. Some of the plants that are used are wildcrafted in New Mexico. We just went crazy in their store when visiting in Taos and we wanted to offer these yarns and products to our customers. Yes you can also order direct from LaLana but anything you buy also is eligible for our customer bonus programs, so there are benefits to buying the items through us.

We have the Streakers yarn line which is gorgeous and many of the patterns are designed for Streakers! yarn. Not only that, any pattern which uses worsted weight yarn, can use Streakers yarn. We have a whole section on our site of "patterns for worsted weight yarn" so make sure to consider these. If you buy yarn for a specific Streakers pattern, the pattern is free!!

Here are just a few photos to make you get all excited and happy like we do when we look at yarn and pattern photos. First, Day-O and Oriental Blue Streak Streakers Yarns. Absolutely beautiful!

Here the Berry Shady Cardigan pattern, designed by Valentine Devine, which can be made in any color of Streakers Yarn. Love this!!

Please go take a look at the LaLana Wool section on our site and you will see how incredible their yarns are. We can't show everything here. We are able to get any kit , yarn or pattern for you from there. And we are working together with LaLana on a new project we hope will work out!!!

What else is new? We are so excited to finally post The Plucky Knitter yarns to our site!! We have been waiting for these hand dyed gems for months! Sarah , of the Plucky Knitter is an amazing fiber artist. She spends a great deal of time making each sure each skein is just right. She did a wonderful job sending us these absolutely incredible superwash blue faced leicester sock yarns. For all you indie sock yarn lovers, make sure to try these. They are machine washable and and blue face is as soft as merino only more durable for socks. These are so beautiful............ Here is a little view of some of her beautiful colorways.........

Plucky Mosaic

Other new things coming in the next few weeks.....a new shipment of Avi Wasserman Spindles, many new Fleece Artist and HandMaiden yarns and knit kits, Jo Sharp Silkroad yarns -DK Tweed and Aran tweed (scrumptuous!) and alpaca kid lustre, and much much more! OH, almost forgot, we have many new items in from Perl Grey Studios. Perl Grey is the sister company to Fleece Artist. They have a new line of stitch markers which I just love. My favorite new item is the stitch marker necklace, five stitch markers you wear around your neck so you always have one if you need it :) There are many other new Perl Grey items too, so take a look!

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