Monday, February 05, 2007

A special promotion and new products this week

We sent out a newsletter announcing a special promotion! Hopefully it was not confusing to anyone. Simply, if you write a product review on our site OR if you send in via email to us a photo of something you have made with one of our yarns, you are entered into a drawing. You can do both and get several entries!! At the end of the month we will draw out quite a few prizes. The first prize is a coupon for for 40% off any ONE product. A great time to get a beautiful handwoven shawl or cashmere or a Honeycakes Needle Roll. The second price is 20% off your entire order, and the third prize is 15% off your entire order. Then there are several runner up prizes. It is SUPER easy to enter!! If you go onto the site and look at any product, underneath the product listing, there is a place to write a customer review. Just like how has it and other sites. So if you love a certain yarn or Indie person, please enter the contest!! We have had several reviews and several photos sent to us!! I'll be making a readers gallery for photos on the site.

In new product news this week, we got a great shipment of yarns and fibers from Sereknity. Her work is simply top notch! There is no other way to say it. She uses very high quality fiber for her yarns. She sent us quite a few gorgeous sock yarns. Look at this Blue Hawaii followed by McIntosh. Her color sense and depth of colors in her dye is fantastic. If you like sock yarns, you really must try her yarns. They are also wonderful for shawls and other items.

Heather of Sereknity also sent in lovely spinning fibers. Her fibers are some of the very nicest I have truly ever seen. No felting here!! They are soft, fluffy, and draft easily. The colors are brilliant!! Check out my favorite one, IGGY!!

What else is coming soon... Wooldancer Yarns from Australia! I will post some photos and a bio about our fabulous indie dyer Michelle. We also have discovered some very interesting indie yarn spinners/dyers in other countries. We will be getting some incredibly beautiful yarns from South Africa soon from a most interesting fiber artist there. And also some lovely spring dyed merino from a woman in Germany. More on this soon. I'll try to post more about new products after they are in the store rather than before!

I also posted several new sock kits..... These include a hand sewn sock bag by Knitted bits, a handpainted skein of yarn, a set of Chiagoo Double pointed needles and a downloadable sock pattern. Here is a sample of one kit. These are a wonderful value and lots of fun too!!

That is it for now!

Please, help us out and write a product review for a yarn or product you really liked!! And send in photos! Photos should be sent to

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