Monday, February 12, 2007

February 12th week------

What's new this week in the shop? So many items.

First, all of the brand new Wooldancer sock yarns have been listed on One Planet. These yarns come to us all the way from Australia. Wooldancer yarns are absolutely amazing. The sock yarn is 100% pure Australian wool. The fiber content is 100% superwash merino and this yarn is super soft and squishy. What gorgeous hanks of yarn!! These yarns are truly some of the nicest sock yarns I have ever seen. The fiber is very high quality and the colors and color choices are brilliant.
Each colorway is so unique and the depth and mix of colors show this fiber artist's talent! Here is one of Michelle's yarns entitles Sting of the Thai Orchid!! I mean, have you ever seen anything so gorgeous in your life!! The feel, the color, just too yummy for words! Michelle also has an ETSY shop, so make sure to check that out as well...

We also have about 20 new colors of Sheep Shop One and Sheep Shop Two yarns. These yarns are from Uruguay and are just wonderful. Sheep Shop One is a heavy worsted yarn in a single ply. and Sheep Shop Two is a bulky weight yarn. Both are handpainted and 100% merino yarn and they are incredible to work with. Sheep Three will be here soon. We are the exclusive online only seller for Sheep Shop Yarns so we wanted to have every single color available and every single pattern. They are not all up yet in the shop, but they will be soon. There are quite a few new patterns also coming soon. For now, please check out all the of brilliant colorways!! There are so many! Here are a few of the new colors....

We have lots of new handpainted fibers listed and an entirely new shipment of Woolyvine spindles. Not only are there stone spindles but there are a few with glass whorls as well. Take a look at these!! They are gorgeous. Later this week, we should have about 10 or so new Traveler Spindle kits. Those were the kits featured in Spin Of Magazine last fall.... Watch for these.......

What else? We have lots of new magazines and books in!! Including the three new Interweave Press titles just released and these are hard to get! Lace Style, No Sheep for You and Favorite Socks. All really great books with beautiful patterns..... We keep selling them as they are listed but more are on order..

Coming soon...gorgeous sock yarns from Germany called Marion's Sock Yarns, a new line of Yarn Botanika yarns that is very special, lots of other unusual Yarn Botanika hand dyes, Llamajamas yarns, patterns and fun finished stuff for kids, Marie Grace Smith knitting patterns, new orders from Yarn Pirate and hopefully Monsoon Winds/Yarnahoy, Hipknits yarns, patterns, magazines and other items from England and more!! We also have several pattern releases including another crochet pattern for Black Pearl Yarns cashmere and quite a few patterns for Lanas Puras yarns.

OH, do you get Interweave Knits? We will have copies in the store any day now for sale. See our ad on page 53. We went in with a group of people and it turned out great I think....Take a look!

PS Our contest is still going on!! Write a product review or send in a photo of something you have made with our yarns for a drawing entry.
PPS Did you read this far??? Good for you!!! Want to try something new in our store? Use the discount code BLOG when you place an order as a reward for getting this far!! Receive 10% off your entire order... The BLOG coupon is good until the end of this month...for those who really read our posts :)

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