Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bugs Are Here and more!

When we opened up the box of Sock Bugs and Omiyage "Baby Bugs" from Diana of Sock Diva, we just about flipped at the colors and quality of the fabrics she chose. She uses only the very nicest, most colorful and sturdy 100% cotton quilt fabric. Diana has an amazing color sense and truly each "bug" is a work of art!!

The smaller "Omiyage baby bugs"are perfect notions bag. Two of them can snap on to a bigger Sock Bug. They are absolutely adorable and not just that, very well made in beautiful colors. The Sock Bugs are equally amazing. They have a velcro pocket, that can't really be seen in the photos very well, to hold scizzors or a tape measure or needles. Each Sock Bug has room inside easily for sock yarn and your needles and a pattern. Or use for any smaller project. There is 40 inch fabric handle and a drawstring "mouth" closure to keep your items neat.

Meet a few of our favorite "bugs." The photos honestly don't do them justice. The fabrics are so exquisite-hand dyed fabric, watercolor and batik patterns.

What else?

I promised photos of the new Chewy Spaghetti and A Piece of Vermont Yarns. First, Chewy Spaghettti sent us lovely lovely large skeins of lace weight merino and silk yarn (50/50). The yarn just gleams in beautiful colors! We are getting more sock yarn soon from Chewy soon...

Jessie, from A Piece of Vermont, has been working for months to find the best combination of pure Vermont fibers. She finally has released her 100% Vermonter yarn called "Weybridge." It is a hearty yarn, a mixture of several fibers hand dyed in gorgeous colors. We see many hand dyed yarns at One Planet Yarn and Fiber, and the interesting thing is how everyone has a different approach to dyeing despite using similar "ingredients." Jessie's colorways have a base color with subtle shading and then bits of other colors mixed in. Truly each yarn is unique. Here is a skein of "Weybridge" yarn.

We just received a shipment of Yarn Pirate yarn!! It will be up on the site soon. And in the next three weeks we have several exciting new companies so watch this spot for announcements!!


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