Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 9th- What's New This Week

We have another week of a lot of new items.... It can't continue like this forever, feeling like a holiday but for now it is quite a bit of fun to unpack boxes full of amazing yarns and other goodies.

First, we got a few skeins of yarn in from our favorite handspinner, Rachel Dow, of RMD designs. Her handspun yarns are amazing, just because of the colors and the care that goes into each skein. I have made a few drop stitch scarves from her yarns for gifts and people always oohed and ahhed because the colors are so amazing. Visit Rachel's section of our shop and really even a simple stitch pattern with her yarns makes an amazing scarf or shawl. You could knit up a shawl on really big needless and a loose stitch and have an amazing garment. Here is one of her skeins that came in tis week.

We received an entire shipment of Be Sweet products, which we could go on and on about. They have the most unusual yarns in the prettiest colors and they are a company with a great vision and philolophy. Please read about them on our site and take a look at the Magic Balls and patterns and kits! When I saw this sweater, I just fell in love and I have to make it for myself. We decided to put it into kit form, which we sell on our site! The magic balls and kits are already selling so soon we'll have to buy more magic balls and more kits ..

And what is a magic ball by the way? They are amazing little creations of different kinds of yarns, hand dyed and handspun by women in South Africa, full of different textures and colors. Several of the patterns call for only one magic ball.... Here is a "hot sundae" magic ball-the colors are delicious and one ball can make a tote bag or a little clutch. A few can make a scarf, shawl or sweater, so take a peak at all the Be Sweet Products.

Last but definitely not least, for spinners and aspiring spinners everywhere, how lucky are we to have our first shipment of hand turned spindles from Avi Wasserman in Israel. Avi is a very talented artisan and an interesting and nice person! His background is actually in engineering and he takes the production of each of spindles quite seriously. He uses amazing exotic woods and adds other unique features like inlay silver that you will not see anywhere on other spindles. As we went through them to photograph, we oohed and ahhed and I want every one! It is very very difficult these days to find spindles like this so we hope those of you who like to spin, will want to add these to your collection! We also have loads of new spinning fiber coming in the next few months so watch the spinning section. Here are examples of two of Avi Wasserman's spindles. The first is a beautiful dyed blue Queensland maple spindle that also uses ebony wood. The shaft is made from mahogany.

This second one is an example of Avi's new spindle designs that have the precious silver inlaid into them. These really are unusual and one of a kind works of art! We hope to be showing many of Avi's other designs in the future.

That is it for now..... except don't forget to join our mailing list for special private offers, etc. We typically send out a mailer once per month or every other month and never share your name or contact information.

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