Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cashmere Flowers in Bloom

Introducing another lovely crochet pattern by Angela Best, of Toronto, Canada, called Cashmere Flowers in Bloom.

This unusual and beautifully modern shrug, Cashmere Flowers in Bloom, is crochet with Black Pearl Yarns 100% cashmere yarn in Hot Chile. Red Dragon is a very similar color, and it is the red that we have in stock right now. This pattern would look amazing in some of the other cashmere colors as well.

Cashmere Flowers in Bloom is "a sensual, exotic little floral shrug that says paradise!"

This is an intermediate-to-advanced crochet pattern, as it uses a special stitch called the Double treble clusters to make the flowers.. This is a gorgeous pattern to wear over a camisole in the evening or for a special event.

This pattern is available in download form at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. It will also be available soon at in hard copy along with the yarn. If you are interested in purchasing the yarn, we happen to be having a special spring sale at One Planet Yarn and Fiber during the month of April for our customers. An announcement is going out very soon. If you are on our customer mailing list, you will receive the details of this special sale offer! Please sign up on our mailing list right at the site on the front page on the left hand column or CLICK HERE!
Feel free to email us if you somehow missed the sale flyer. After you have signed up for our customer mailing list, we we will send you a special flyer. The sale is on quite a few items in our store including the pure cashmere used in this pattern.

Watch this space for some other pattern releases in the next few weeks! We have some amazing patterns for various felted items coming in Lanas Puras Melosa yarn, and also a beautiful pattern for the home in Yarn Botanika handpainted yarn.

Thank you for looking!!

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