Thursday, November 02, 2006

Every day is a holiday

Every day now a package seems to come to either my house or my sisters house. It really is quite fun opening these things up!

By the way, the new blog is set up. Take a peek!!!! Put it on bloglines, please!! Then I can go back eventually to Yarn Botanika being my knitting blog!

There is also a pretty button here that you can put on your site if you are so inclined! The store is so cool, with stuff from all around the planet, that believe me you will want to at least look!

Here is a peek at a few things that came in this week.

Lots of Chiagoo knitting needles, made in China of mosa bamboo, which I just love for some reason. I once tried the other "C" bamboo needles and I hated them. The finish wore off really quickly. These are great and the finish so far has not worn off and I have been knitting with one pair for months now...
My creation

Some fantastic wool wash from SOAK in Canada arrived. It comes in incredible fragrances, no rinsing required and great packaging too. SoakStarter

And the most fun, although this is just glimpse,the amazing new Lanas Pura Yarns from Uruguay. This is our new line of yarns, handpainted by artisans just for us in about every knitting weight imaginable. We started with just the lace and fingering, but we'll be adding quite a bit more in solids and handpainted. Here are photos of the lace weight in "periwinkle rose" and the fingering in "desert bloom." Many many more to come!
My creation

Back to trying to get the shop open!


Yarnartist said...

Congratulatons on your new blog! and thanks for leaving comments on mine. Is it just my antique eyes or is anyone else having trouble reading the brown type against the blue patterned background?

Or is it my browser? i am using Safari on a Mac. Maybe the type looks different on IE?

Anyway, nonetheless, I am looking forward to following your continued progress.

Wishing you great success!

Andrea said...

I am having a hard time reading it, too.

The new blog looks great, though!