Monday, October 29, 2007

The Release of the Cluaranch Stole

We just also formally released the gorgeous Cluaranach Shawl kit This gorgeous lace pattern was designed by Anne Hanson of We spent the weekend busily sending out all of the pre-orders. This shawl is just gorgeous and we hope everyone loves the eggplant yarn! We still have a lot of new Lanas Puras melosa yarn to post on the site. We ordered a mocha color and charcoal gray which are both semi-solid colors that are wonderful for this shawl or for any lace work.

Here are lots of photos for you to enjoy!

Coming soon-A LOT of new Fleece Artist stuff!! Kits and more yarns, new GGH Bel Air and soft kid colors and lots of new Jo Sharp yarn and pattern ideas...........Also a gorgeous order from Funky Carolina and some other surprises.

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