Friday, April 25, 2008

Farmhouse Yarns and Patterns

When we were at the TNNA convention, last January, the Farmhouse Yarns booth really stood out to us. They had tons of colorful hand painted yarns in all kinds of fibers all the around the booth. But also we really enjoyed meeting the owner and hearing her story and the company's philosophy. The people at Farmhouse Yarns truly love sheep, yarn, fiber and color!! They have their own flock of sheep that they try to utilize as much as possible for their yarns. Of course some of their yarns, like Cotton Blossom by Dixie and Bonnie's Bamboo do not come from sheep!! If they don't have enough wool for their yarns, they try to buy from smaller farms rather than huge mills.

The owner, Carol, hand dyes most of the yarns herself. She loves color and you can tell this by the color combinations she chooses. Her relatives help with the cellulose fibers (cotton and bamboo) as this uses a different type of dye and process.

She has also developed a lot of patterns. Most of them are easy to follow and are fairly straightforward and designed to show off the unusual colors and fibers. I think you will fine quite a few pretty and fun lightweight sweaters to knit for the spring and summer as well as fall and winter items. We will be adding a few more of her yarns and more fall patterns towards the end of the summer......

We hope you will give Farmhouse Yarns a try. We carry the Cotton Blossom, a gorgeous worsted weight cotton/rayon blend, Fannie's Fingering, a soft fingering weight yarn, the Bonnie's Bamboo-a beautiful DK weight pure bamboo with gorgeous shine and softness and Lumpy Bumpy by Charlene, a very fun to knit bulky weight yarn that knits up quickly......

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