Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo Contest - Send Your Entry

Hi everyone,

Have you seen our customer gallery? I keep hoping more people will send in photos for this.! It would be great to see some of our projects in various yarns.

So…..I thought I would have a little contest. This contest goes until the end of this month - 10/31/2009

If you submit a photo or photo/s you will receive a $ 5.00 coupon to use on any order. If you send photos of more than one project, then you will receive a $ 5.00 coupon for each one up to a maximum of $ 15.00. So you can submit photos of up to 3 projects for a coupon worth $ 15.00 off of any order. The only products excluded are the Lalana Wool yarns, patterns and kits. This is a great opportunity to try some of the kits that we have on our site…

A few rules:

  1. The photos must be of a project bought from our site-if you bought the pattern somewhere else and the yarn from us, you can submit this too.
  2. If you bought the pattern from us and used yarn from another company, it does not count for this project.
  3. If you bought spinning fiber from us, you can also send a photo of your final spun yarn. Just make sure to send us the name of the fiber artist and the color name if you have it.
  4. Please label the photo with your name and project. Example LSmithVareseHoodie1 or LSmithVareseHoodie2
  5. Email the photo to
  6. In the email, please include your full name, the name of the pattern / design, and the name and color of the yarn you used.

In addition, every person who sends a photo or photos will be entered into a drawing. If you send 3 projects, your name will be entered 3 times. At the end of the month, we will do a random drawing and the winner will receive a
$ 25.00 gift certificate for our store. You can use this for any order except for LaLana products.

Questions? Email us at

I hope you will participate!!!

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