Friday, January 27, 2012

Running Around The TNNA Show

Attending trade shows is rough work.  Legs give out.  So do shoulders and elbows as the bags you are carrying become heavier and heavier when more catalogs and brochures get added in.  

Our son has been on a mission to convert my husband and myself to the "barefoot" lifestyle.  He says the shoes allow you do walk in such a way that is closer to human biomechanics.  

Here are my usual running shoes.  They are Asics.  When they grow old I use them to walk around in. I've had several pairs.

But then I started listening to my son and bought a pair of these Vibram fivefinger shoes.  My husband and I call them gorilla feet.  Our son has already gone through several pair.  I like them, but between the 5 toe socks and then trying to fit each toe in to the right spot in the shoe is very time consuming for me.  I could make dinner in the time that it takes me to get these in my feet!
Enter some other shoe companies that are making minimalist shoes.  The ones down below are from New Balance.  Once I got used to wearing a thinner sock and breaking them in, they have been fantastic.  I wore them all through the TNNA show and not once did my legs feel fatigued.  My arms still got tired, but my legs felt great!
So now it was time to try the most minimal shoe that I was comfortable with.  Today I added in a pair of Merrell Pace shoes.  I wore them all day while packing orders.  It's like wearing a moccasin.  Still a little bit of a struggle to get them on but not the same as the fivefingers!
I thought you might like to see what the bottoms of all of these looked like.  And I forgot to mention how light the minimalist shoes are.  These shoes were made for walking! (running too)
Happy Feet,

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