Friday, October 19, 2012

Something You Might Like - Weaving

So, in my last blog I talked about my poor loom, just sitting there idle, waiting for some loving warp.  I had my friend, Terri, come over to help me get started warping my loom.  It is a 32" Gilmore 4 harness floor loom.  It has a sectional beam on the back, so I do not need to use lease sticks when winding on the warp.

After working on the warping board and throwing out many yards of warp thread because I counted or wrapped it wrong, I was finally able to get the loom ready to weave.

Happy Weaving!

Warp that I put on last September.  I removed it once I had the other sections done because the threads had been sitting on the loom so long.
Warping the board

Tying and winding the warp on to the sectional beam.
Oops, a do over.  It helps if you warp over the back beam instead of through it.
Getting ready to thread the heddles.
Partially threaded heddles
Blocks that hold the dents up so the heddles can be threaded without strain.  Remember to remove before tying on!

Using a hair comb to help separate the threads in each section.  This was also done when I wound each section from the warping board on to the sectional beam.
Picking my treadle tie ups.
Back view of the loom after warping.
Waiting to be threaded through the reed.

First threads through the reed.

Waiting to be tied to the front beam.
View of the brake and release.
Time to remove the blocks.

Finished tying on the front.
Tightening the warp.
Tying up the treadles.
Bobbin winder.
First test run.

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