Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Prize Releases and Some Other Info

Happy March!!

Before we show some great photos and announce the February prize winners, we just have an announcement about the month of March. From about March 5th through maybe the end of the month we will be a little bit slower at fulfilling orders and /or answering emails. We are going to be a bit short staffed so we just wanted to let everyone know this! So please know that all orders will go out, but it will take a few says longer than usual and all emails will be answered but the response time will be just a bit slower. Thanks for your patience during this period.

The good news is lots of great things will be added into the store after this period including yet another gorgeous new line of Yarn Botanika yarn from Europe. The Fleece Artist and Handmaiden Yarns, kits and patterns should be arriving! We also will be adding Hipknits luxury Yarns and patterns from England, and Chewy Spaghetti yarns from California. Fun! We have an incredibly gorgeous new DK weight yarn from a fiber artist in South Africa named Valida, and also a lovely DK merino and silk from Sheep Shop Yarn Co, their new Sheep Shop THREE yarn. New yarn shipments will be arriving from Yarn Pirate and Sunshine Yarns and gorgeous spinning orifice hooks and stitch markers from Sereknity. Also planned are some great new patterns both exclusive patterns, some neat felting kits, and some wonderful indie designer patterns..... We are also looking at some really fabulous spring/summer yarns and patterns and we hope to tell you about those soon!

On to the fun stuff. Thanks for participating and we got some fantastic photos sent in of finished objects and quite a few product reviews written (maybe 3o plus or so!). Here are some of the great photo entries.....

Anita sent in this adorable photo of her daughter wearing the Cabo Hoodie. She modified it slightly and took off the front pocket. Notice the fab matching socks!! It is knit in Lanas Puras Melosa Margarita.! Isn't she cute! And what a great model too!
Jennifer sent in this really great scarf she knit in Sheep Shop Two yarns. I love how this turned out Jennifer, thanks so much for sending this in!!

Cindy sent in this adorable photo of her socks knit up with Yarn Botanika Juicy Watermelon sock yarn. She had a lot of fun knitting these and she also wrote a great product review. These look like fun summer socks Cindy.....Hope you got your new package!

And Karen sent in this great photo of her India Socks also made with Yarn Botanika sock yarn. I love these, thanks Karen and also thx for the product review!

Thanks so much for sending these in and if your photo did not get entered!

Now the prize winners!! Yippee!!!!

1. First Prize - a coupon for 40% off any ONE product.
WINNER- Anita S, Royersford , PA !!!!! Anita is the great knitter and mom of the Cabo Hoodie pattern up above! Congrats Anita. We'll send you an email soon on how to claim your prize!!

2. Second Prize - coupon for 20% of your entire order.
WINNER- Helene G, New York, NY! Congrats Helene. Helene is a fairly new knitter and has knit some of the knit kits through our site!

3. Third Prize - a coupon for 15% off your order
WINNER-Marianne M from the Netherlands! Marianne is a lovely woman and she wrote a product review for her entry. We have had some great email exchanges about the Netherlands! Marianne, I hope you can find some nice things on our site over the next six months for use with your coupon.

Please don't feel bad if you entered and didn't win, because really every person who entered is going to be sent a special gift certificate to use at One Planet Yarn and Fiber.

4. Runner Up Prizes- we were going to give out 3 extra prizes, but we decided that
every single person who entered the contest should earn a special prize just for entering.

PS If you entered and did not hear from us, please let us know!! I think I have everyone's contact, but just in case!

Thanks for participating and hope you had fun!

Each of the winners will receive an email within the next few days telling them how to redeem their prize!! Also all the gift certificates and coupons are good for six months so that you can take your time picking out what you want to use them for. But if there are things you like now, GO FOR IT, because we will have more prizes in the future...

Thanks and more news soon.... We have exclusive new patterns coming soon!!!!!

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Marianne said...

Thank you One Planet for winning THIRD prize in your contest !!!
Never expected to win, I am really very happy with this !