Sunday, March 25, 2007

Many New Items!!

Is it the end of March already??

We have many new items in the store this week and also lots and lots more that will be listed over the next weeks. Also watch for a special newsletter for our customers, but you must be on our mailing list to receive it. Sign up for the mailing list by registering on the site! We try hard to not send out too many emails and announcements.....

We have so many fun and new things in the shop. I wanted to just give a summary. First, we posted a new shipment of stitch markers and also gorgeous hand crafted beaded oriface hooks on the site. These were both created by Sereknity. I never used to use stitch markers until I tried a set of hers and I have to say I really love them!! Others I had tried in the past stuck on the needles or in the yarn and this never seems to happen with Sereknity's. Here is a photo of one that I just listed that is my favorite. She uses Swavorski crystals in every set and finds the greatest beads.

These oriface hooks are for spinners! If you have a spinning wheel, you know what these are for. You can tie one of these beautiful hooks right onto your wheel. This is a close up of one of my favorite spinning oriface hooks, also available in Sereknity's section at One Planet Yarn and Fiber.

Next, we have this incredibly gorgeous yarn that comes to us all the way from South Africa. Make sure to read about Alida and her company Rainbow handpainted and handspun on her web page at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. She hand dyes and spins all of this yarn herself. The fiber used is local South African merino sheep. The yarn is unbelievably squishy and soft and this is a single ply heavy DK weight yarn. This yarn would be gorgeous for many projects including scarves and shawls. We have met some fascinating and talented fiber people all over the world through One Planet and Alida is one of those people! Try a drop stitch scarf or shawl pattern to really show off this yarn! An example is the Ladder Scarf by Chris Bylsma in the pattern section of our web site. Or the Ladder Shawl if you want something bigger. These two patterns work great for yarns like this or any handspun. Alida's handspun is very consistent and can also be used when gauge is important.

We have another new Indie company, Chewy Spaghetti from California. Make sure to also read about Khris of Chewy Spaghetti on her section of One Planet. She names her various lines of sock yarns after different types of pasta like vermacelli and bucatini! Too cute! The yarn is gorgeous. Her color choices are great! Here is a sampling but there are more colors and fibers in her web section.

So, we have many great new yarns and fibers. Why stick with the same old same old. Try something new and different! It makes knitting and crochet a lot more fun! Keep watching this blog as well as the "what's new" section on our site for more new yarns. In the next weeks we have Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarns and kits (too yummy for words), Hipknits yarns and patterns from England, new exclusive patterns for Yarn Botanika yarns and Lanas Puras yarns, and a new shipment of Yarn Pirate yarns and hopefully Sunshine yarns as well.! We are also working on a few light weight yarns for spring and summer knitting but remember if you start a sweater now, it might not be done until the fall!

Have a good week and dont' forget to join our mailing list if you are not on it!

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Danielle said...

Wow you have some killer items. I love the colors of the sock yarn. I will be sure to check back. LOVELY items!