Monday, June 18, 2007

Artesano Ltd- Welcome to North America!

We are proud to be the very first US knitting store to carry yarns from Artesano LTD, based out of the United Kingdom! They are a family run business committed to ethical trading practices. Artesano's main suppliers are based in Peru and and some yarn also comes from Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in South America. Artesano has been very careful to work with co-operatives and companies that have a good record of looking after the people that work for them. The yarns are the highest quality and softest pure alpaca yarns we have felt. There are currently three yarns, Inca Cloud, a superfine alpaca, Inca Mist, a baby alpaca and Hummingbird, a space dyed multicolor alpaca yarn. They are all DK weight and interchangeable in patterns. For those of you who love sock yarn, Artesano's Hummingbird yarn is amazing. It somes in HUGE 150 gram skeins in a variety of colors. You will have a pair of super luxurious socks.

We chose Artesano because of their smaller size, the high quality of the alpaca yarn, the range of colors offered, their commitment to ethical trading practices, and also because they have fantastic and modern pattern support! Most of the patterns are designed by Jean Moss, a well known knitwear designer in the UK. Her designs are absolutely gorgeous! We are proud to carry all of the patterns and the yarn you will need to knit them. Here are a few of our favorites. Also there is a fantastic pattern book, which is a wonderful value because it has TEN of Jean Moss's patterns in it. Make sure to take a look at it.

All of Artesano's yarns and patterns are now available at One Planet Yarn and Fiber.

Other announcements:

Yarn Pirate yarns will be posted Wednesday morning around 10:00 am, MST. We also have gorgeous new yarns and from Sereknity. We have a huge order from Fleece Artist with many new kits and yarns and other items. The items will start posting over the next week. For those of you waiting for more Sea Silk yarn, thank you for all your emails and your patience. Our new order will be here in about a week and wait until you see all of the new colors!!
We have a new yarn arriving for Lanas Puras. This is an amazing 50% cotton, 50% wool yarn in a variety of colors in DK weight. It will be called Lanas Puras Clarissa.

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