Saturday, June 09, 2007

Be Sweet Bamboo Yarn, Chewy Spaghetti, next week and Nell's Clapotis

June 12th

There is so much to say in one post for the week!

First a reminder again that we are closed from Wed evening, the 13th through Sunday evening the 17th. The store is open and orders can be placed, but they will all be shipped Monday and emails will be answered then. Can you tell we are nervous about leaving it for a few days? I am sure it will be ok!!

We are getting in an unreal quantity of yarn! Probably too much, but we will view it as if we are all set for the fall.

Be Sweet Bamboo Yarn
We got in today the Be Sweet Bamboo yarn. This yarn is incredibly incredibly beautiful. It is very soft and has a lovely shine to it. It knits up into a very breathable and next to your skin soft fabric. I knit a swatch in the blue green color and thought it would make an incredibly light weight lacy shawl or a light weight sweater. The colors are amazing, and it was hard to choose where to start! We just picked a range of six colors. Here is the pretty blue green one I mentioned and also one of the rose pink which is just incredible!! The price is great too! It is a DK weight yarn so it has loads of uses!! Consider this for any DK weight project. The yarn is hand dyed by South African women and you are supporting a great cause also by purchasing the yarn. A portion of the sales to go a jobs creation program and a school program for poverty stricken South Africans. The yarn is also considered ecofriendly (friendly for the environment ) and antibacterial! It is great for baby items! But also for adults as well. If you are sensitive to wool and/or live in a warm climate, this could be a fantastic yarn for you.

Chewy Spaghetti Sock Yarn

We just posted quite a few skeins of Chewy Spaghetti Sock yarn. This yarn is GORGEOUS! Her colors are getting better and better and this is a great new yarn for her "spaghetti" superwash merino with a tight twist. Grab it while it lasts. It usually does very well.

Next Week-

-Yarn Pirate yarns will definitely be listed next week. Look for a blog post on Monday or Tuesday for a definite date. I am guessing Wed, the 20th is the day.

-We will be introducing a brand new company called Artesano. They are based in England and we are very excited to be their very first US retailer. They have amazing patterns and incredible yarns. They are also very affordable and I think all of our customers will really love their products. More details next week.

-We have a new shipment from Sereknity of the most beautiful new sock yarns, sock bags and spindle bags. Heather of Sereknity outdid her self this time, and the items she sent us are simply beautiful!

We wanted to also share with you some photos that were sent in to us of a project knit with two skeins of Lanas Puras Melosa Fingering weight yarn in Mountain Sky.

Nell, a very nice person as well as a talented new knitter, sent us these photos of her incredibly gorgeous Clapotis shawl knit in Lanas Puras Melosa. Can you believe how gorgeous this is? We had to share these photos with all of you!! We are starting a customer gallery of creations so please send in photos if you have made anything at all with yarns you have purchased at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. We'll send you a little gift for submitting photos to the gallery!

Here is Nell's Clapotis. It is simply gorgeous and look how she coordinated her clothes to match. She looks like a beautiful model!

Thank you Nell, for sharing your photos with us!


YarnSnob said...

of all the Clapotis I have seen, and there has been many as there was a craze in UK..this is the most awesome one ever. Never did get round to knitting one :(

YarnB said...

I agree with you! It truly is one of the nicest I have seen. I am going to make one too. And only two skeins of yarn, which is amazing!

Octopus Knits said...

Thanks for putting my pictures up! I definitely recommend making a clapotis out of the Lanas Puras Melosa fingering weight. It was a great experience (the yarn is insanely soft, and the colors!)!