Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Few New Things!

We just received the very brand new Jo Sharp book Knit Issue 3. The patterns are gorgeous!! We will be posting more examples of the patterns within each book listing along with yarn requirements. We still are in the process of ordering all of the fall Jo Sharp yarns but we love the patterns! Make sure to keep checking as soon under each yarn and pattern book, there will be some more specifics.

We also just received a new shipment of SOAK products. They all sell out so fast! Back in stock are the mini-soaks and also the SOAK sampler kits which are a great way to try each scent.

We have a new spindle company! They are called the Vermont Spindle Company and they are associated with Copper Moose, which some of you might know. I loved Bill's spindles the minute I saw them and I read an article about him in Spin Off last year. So I have been emailing him every few months asking for an order!! We have it!! These should all go live tomorrow!! I also just received a phone call that a box arrived from Israel and this will include 12 new Avi Wasserman spindles. It will be fun to open this box as I know he sent a unique assortment!!

Next week watch the blog and your email very very very closely for a special announcement :) :) Part of it is that we have the cutest, cutest pattern by Melissa Wehrle releasing! But there is more!!!!

Also, did you sign up for the new affiliate system?? IT IS SO EASY to sign up!! Honest!! Please don't worry if it asks for a TAX ID. Just ignore that part of you don't have one.. Also several people wrote me from various countries and definitely you can be part of the program no matter where you live! We had a load of sign ups but we sure would love more. If you have questions/problems, email us!! INFO@ONEPLANETYARNANDFIBER.COM

We posted all of our new "Customer Bonus Programs' on the website. Just click on the top bar.

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