Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spring Colors, New Yarns & More!

Each season, the fashion industry releases the Pantone report which contains suggested "in" colors for spring. We actually do look at these when choosing yarn colors for our own product lines Black Pearl Yarns, Lanas Puras Yarns and Yarn Botanika.

This is the pantone for Spring 2008 and I thought you might all like to see it:

If you want to see something truly amazing, take a look at this blog that is from one of my favorite companies called Aromaleigh. If you aren't familiar with Aromaleigh, it is one of the best companies for mineral make up in the world. I am totally addicted to all of their products, and very inspired by their colors and the creativity. In the owners blog post (click here), she shows all of her eye shadow shades that go with the Pantone report for spring. It is amazing, so take a look! It really helps you see what the "in" colors are for spring. I am not affiliated with this company but recommend their make up highly!

Speaking of colors, we are very excited to announce that we will be adding an incredibly gorgeous line of 100% very soft bamboo yarn to Black Pearl Yarns soon. It comes in gorgeous colors. We have a huge selection to pick from and I am going to ask our designers to help us choose the best colors for spring and hopefully we can get some new knit designs going for this yarn. It is so pretty, soft and affordable! We can't wait to show you!

We are looking at two or three other yarns for Lanas Puras from a new mill we made contact with in South America. This will happen more towards the fall as well as a revamping of Yarn Botanika natural fiber eco/organic yarns with fresh colors inspired by nature. We have several exclusive knitting patterns releasing soon that you all will love, including sweaters in cashmere by Melissa Wehrle and Connie Chang Chinchio and a gorgeous and colorful sweater in Lanas Puras Desert Bloom by Debbie O'Neill. We can't wait to release this. Then there are three or four spring patterns in Lanas Puras Clarissa that will be released in February or March. I really think we have a more complete pattern line that many of the yarn companies out there!

Some news about what is coming soon. Look for a new shipment of yarns from Yarn Pirate next week. I will post on the blog in advance since all of the Yarn Pirate addicts like to be notified in advance as the yarns sell quickly.

We have MANY new patterns and yarns coming from Artesano Yarns from England. We are the only US company that distributes Artesano. This will change soon I am sure because the yarns are so gorgeous and the patterns are incredible. They will be releasing 60, yes 60 new patterns this year. We are busy now trying to get the new patterns and kits on the site for you. If you like hip and colorful designs, you are going to fall in love with the new patterns like we did. The new Hummingbird pattern book has 14 patterns in it using the colorful space dyed Hummingbird yarns. Here is a photo of Chill, one of the gorgeous sweaters:

Our cool finds from TNNA knitting show are not quite here yet, but we are adding four or five new yarn lines soon, plus some great new knitting bags, and gorgeous handcrafted needles. We can't wait to show you!

Thanks to those of you who joined our Ravelry group. I hope we can get everyone posting more about the projects they are making from One Planet. Feel free to post comments here as well. We get lots of emails from all of you with your nice comments and suggestions, so feel free to post them here as well! We are always looking for new and unusual yarns, patterns and more to bring to all of you!

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