Saturday, March 24, 2012

City Girl's Fiber Farm Big Move!

City Girl's Fiber Farm critters are moving!  To Texas!  My friend, Mary Berry of Fancy Fiber Farm, emailed me as soon as these sweet ones became mine.  She said she would love to have them move to Texas and now our dreams have come true.  Cocoa and ZZ Top were picked up this morning and moved down to Tucson by a wonderful man named Tor.  Tor is going to deworm them and give them some shots so they will be in good shape to travel to Texas at the end of April.  He is also going to shear both babies.  

ZZ is a bit overgrown and I don't know how much of his fleece will be usable.  His neck is very matted and felted and is unusable.  

Meanwhile, Cocoa's short coat is not in the best of health, so she will be sheared also.  Mary will make a decision this fall to see whether or not her coat has improved enough or if we need to leave it on her until next spring.  With any luck we might even have a new lamb or two for Cocoa to mother.  She is from a pair of twins, so that just might happen!

Wishing my babies a safe and healthy journey. 
City Girl's Fiber Farm

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