Friday, December 14, 2012

In Which I Am Bit By A Cat

The first week of December I was lucky enough to go back east to visit my dad and sister.  I took Lily Bear along with me.  She was a real trooper on both flights and I had people lined up in the aisles taking pictures of her and wanting to hold her.

 When I got to my dad's house my cousin Artie was waiting for me.  He drove all the way down to Philly from mid-state New York to visit with my dad and I.
 During Hurricane Sandy my dad had a little leak in the roof.  He lost the ceiling in one bedroom.

 And some damaged carpeting was removed.  The repairs should be completed before the end of the year.
I went through dad's house and took the opportunity to take pictures of all the things I had made as a teenager that my parents displayed throughout the house.

 Dad indulged me one day and we drove over to a shop called the Stitchers Dream.  It was in this house.
This shop has a small selection of knitting supplies, but they also teach how to use knitting machines and how to quilt.  I have just been gifted with an older knitting machine that was never used, however, it came without instructions.  I left the shop with a book about basic knitting machine skills.

 I'm really looking forward to having time to get my machine set up, but in the meantime I was able to poke around the machines that were set up in this shop.
 What really blew my mind was this computerized sewing machine that someone was using for this complicated embroidery design!

 Here is the quilt that was being made by this crafts person.

As one would expect, I walked in on a knitting class.
 When I got back to dad's I started to go through his fridge.  It needed a good cleaning out of old stuff. I found things dating back expiration dates back in 2006.  Have you checked your cabinets lately?

 Dad and I went into the city so I could go to the Reading Terminal Market to buy some baked goods.  On our walk I spotted this wonderful mural.

 From center city we drove down to my sister's in Bethesda.  My sister has a Maine Coon cat named Bouchie.  Lily Bear was not sure what to make of this creature n the other side of the glass.

Sometimes Lily Bear and Bouchie got nose to nose through the window.

 When dad and I were ready to leave my sister's to drive back up to Philly the cat escaped his room and made it into the house.  We searched high and low for Bouchie and I finally found him under a sofa.  I reached in to try to convince him and, you guessed it, Cat bite.  Ouch!
 I ended up at urgent care that night needing a tetanus shot, antibiotics and Advil. 
 On my way back to dad's house I spotted this home coming off of the freeway.  I stopped to film this massive holiday display!

 The day I was leaving I had to fit all of these Tastykakes in to my suitcase.  The suitcase was much heavier coming home.
 I loved how all the leaves were piled up in the streets.  It made for some interesting moments driving on unfamiliar streets at night.
 Lily Bear spent a lot of time on dad's lap.  This was taken right before my driver arrived for my return flight.
One last purchase at the airport.  Philadelphia soft pretzels.  Yum!

Just so you know, all of the baked goods and pretzels were not for me.  I limited myself to one box of Italian cookies, a new dog leash for the one I lost in my sister's house, a couple of stitch holders, the book for the knitting machine and a car charger for my phone, which I had left in Arizona.

Happy Stitching!
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