Thursday, October 10, 2013

Something You Might Like-Drive To Kentucky

On July 2nd my daughter and I hopped in the car and drove from Silver Spring, Maryland to Lexington, Kentucky.  My daughter has a friend from high school that lives there with her parents.

We met for dinner and the BBQ was quite yummy along with some grape and orange Nehi!

My daughter's friend's parents have several cats, as they live on a 100 year old horse farm.  2 of the cats were indoor cats.  This one decided I was the cat's meow and wouldn't leave my bedroom!

The outdoor cat porch

Looking out toward the horse pasture.

The guard dog.

The girls dressed up to head out on the town.  I stayed in and knitted, of course, with the cat.

3 of the horses snagging breakfast.

The following morning, July 3rd, we were off in the car to explore a little of Kentucky.

First stop?  The oldest, continuously running bourbon distiller in the country- Woodford Reserve.  The tour was fantastic and there were some yummy treats at the end of the tour.

My daughter noticed right away that the iPad for the distiller was not locked.  She works for Apple.  She immediately found a manager and showed them what he needed to do to lock the device, but she won't help me with my computer, go figure.

First stop was the lobby, history of bourbon, some info on production, did somebody say gift shop?

My daughter's friend's dad said that he didn't think that anyone in Kentucky did fiber arts.  First thing as I came out of the ladies room was this sign and a wonder weaving from a local artist.

On to the tour!

I just wanted to share all the beauty of the process of making bourbon in the beauty of these wonderful old buildings.  

Thank goodness we only stopped at one distiller!  There is a Bourbon Trail in Kentucky and many places to tour.

Next stop?  The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

We arrived and found this monument at the top of a hill.  I was so disappointed to think that the cabin was gone and that this stood in it's place.

Then we climbed the stairs, went around to the back of the building and found this-

It was an incredible moment.  We left the monument and went down the hill to find out the reason Abe's father bought this land.  A natural spring.

It was now time to find lunch.  We found this place a couple of miles off the Interstate using Yelp.  We had Barbeque, of course and then dessert.

Deep fried banana moon pie with vanilla ice cream.  Wow!

Then we headed off to Tennessee.

Nap time.


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