Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Something You Might Like - Finished Objects

I did manage to work and complete a few projects this summer.  During my road trip in July I was able to stop by Mary Berry's Fancy Fibers Farm and pick up the fleeces from ZZ Top and Cocoa.  Once I got home it was hot enough to wash ZZ's curls outside using the sun.

I put his curls in a bath of water and Dawn dish detergent and let it soak.  Every day I changed the water for clean water and new soap.  Once I felt that it was clean enough I did a few rinses with just water.
Day 1

Day 2, 3.4. 5 and 6.  Yes, it was like waiting for water to boil.
Drying time!

Laura Nelkin's MKAL Juego finished!
My favorite knit of the summer was Jared Flood Girasole pattern in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn Hoppy Blond.

I also knitted a sweater called Chimney Fire by Melissa J. Goodale.  I just need to photograph it.  I used Zen Yarn Garden Serenity worsted in Moon Purple.  The yarn is Merino/Cashmere and nylon.


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