Monday, April 28, 2014

A Year of City Girl's Fiber Farm Pictures And Surprises!

Hello All,
I have not forgotten you.  I've just had a really busy spring!  The farm has had a busy year too.  I wanted to recap the last year in pictures.  So, starting with last July.....

Simba, Cece's half brother joined the flock, bringing our number up to 3.

As you can see, he makes room for himself to eat.

Cocoa had Cece last March 31st.  Mama and daughter look like twins!
Time for a manicure for Mama

And baby

The chickens offered to help out.

I picked up Cocoa's fleece last July and finally got to washing it out in January.

Hot water and Dawn detergeant

Cocoa's fleece waiting for the water to fill.

Unwashed curl

Great length for spinning.
Time to swim

Yes, the water is very brown.  Lot's of dust in a sheep fleece.
All washed up and on the drying racks.
Here is Cocoa on April 6th, waiting to be sheared.  That's Cece in back waiting for her first clip.


And this is how we found out that Cocoa was expecting!
The next morning, April 7th, Mary went out to the barn and found Cocoa with freshly hatched twin ram lambs!
Meet Kryptonite and Lapis!
A freshly shorn Cocoa feeding the boys

Simba's first clip

And finally, the 2011 fiber shares were shipped out.  Thank you all for your patience!
Happy Spinning!

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