Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Off the Beaten Path in Maryland

I went to Maryland in March to visit my dad and sister again.  We went to a couple of really neat markets.  One was Persian and the other was Russian.  I just had to share the pictures.  SO much color!

Everything is in Russian!

Entry to Persian market and restaurant

Desserts for sale

Rock sugar sticks.  The golden ones were cured with saffron and still had saffron threads attached.

I'm not used to seeing goldfish for sale in a food store.

This is the ceiling in the restaurant portion of the market.  The next several pictures were all taken inside the restaurant while we were waiting for our take out.

My dad and my 2 nieces.

The morning before I left I was greeted by snow!  It was nice to get back to the desert that night.

Keep Warm!  The snow will stop any day now.  We had some ourselves this past weekend about 90 miles north of us.


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