Friday, May 02, 2014

Off the Beaten Path in Seattle

Our son moved away from home last summer.  In December I took a quick trip up to Seattle to visit him.  The weather there was freezing!  It has been in the 70's and 80's most of this past winter.

I took some photos as we were flying over Arizona, Oregon and Washington.  The are was beautifully clear!

Pike Place Market roof was decorated for the season.
Our son works for Apple at their University Village store.  I had to wait for him to finish work, so I wondered and took a few photos.

My handsome boy!
The Music Experience Museum.
Sci Fi portion of the museum.
And the TARDIS was waiting for me to take off!  Dr. Who fans will understand this one.

Chihully Glass Garden.
We took a chocolate making class at Theo's in Ballard, but first we went to dinner.  Norm's is a dog friendly restaurant.  Well behaved dogs are allowed to be with their owners INSIDE the pub!
What is a mom to do when she sees that her son's apartment has no furniture?  Why go to IKEA of course, then leave him alone to construct everything.

My last night there we met up with my husband's brother's family for dinner.  The nephews are growing up so fast!

A little more put together when the sofa arrived from IKEA.

Not bad for 400 square feet.

These last few photos are from my drive back to the airport to come home.

Happy Trails!

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