Monday, September 13, 2010

Have you met the in house mascots?

Here are pictures of my furry gang.  They stay near me when I'm working in the office.   They follow me if I go in search of yarn for an order  Sometimes the smaller ones even end up on my lap while I'm typing.


Lady Bug

Wee Bear

Best Regards,


woolies said...

awwwwwwww, we have four dogs who follow me 'round whereever I go. Yours are so adorable!!

One Planet said...

There is actually a 5th dog, but she is over 15 years and stays away from the young ones. Wee Bear is actually Lily Bear. She and I are a pet therapy team for Hospice.

Mary g said...

Karen - congrat's on taking over the company. Wish you all the best. Of course I know Bear - so sweet. All your animals are adorable!

One Planet said...

I love you to pieces! Thanks for the support. Bear had her first encounter with an infant at hospice today. The baby kept messing with Bear's hair and slapping at her and Wee Bear just kept giving her kisses. Therapy dogs are really something special.