Monday, May 07, 2012

Something You Might Like - Update on ZZ and Cocoa

I asked Mary if ZZ and Cocoa were sticking together.  Her is her reply.

"Not really.  Mostly, he’s staying close to US!  I had to keep him in the backyard yesterday when my Farm Hand was here working because we were doing some reorganization where we were leaving doors open and stacking stuff outside under a tree, and he wanted to be right in the middle of it!
And lord help when we feed our bottle babies!  He remembers that bottle and wants some!
He’s really quite adorable.  Lots of personality!"

In another update-

"Your babies LOVE alfalfa horse cubes!  I break them into smaller pieces – they sort of peel apart in layers.  They took right to them.  The only problem was getting my piggy goats out of the way!"

Well, they seem to have made themselves right at home at Fancy Fibers!  

City Girl's Fiber Farm

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