Saturday, July 28, 2012

City Girl's Fiber Farm Update

Hello all you City Girl's Fans!  I've got a critter update for you. They look really good.  It's possible that we will get another clip off of Cocoa this fall for the 2012 shareholders.  My graphic designer has not been available to me since last winter, so I have been unable to come up with a certificate for the shares yet.  Don't worry, I know who you are. 

I have so far washed the first clip from Cocoa.  I still need to skirt and wash ZZ Top's clip from April.  I will need to know from the shareholders if they want the Shetland in fiber, drum carded or if they want it all sent out to be made into roving?  If you read this blog, then just let me know.

Happy Farming!
City Girl's Fiber Farm

Cocoa is enjoying her hay in the shade.  Apparently the "good Stuff"  is in the middle.
ZZ had to be snatched up out of the alpaca pasture yesterday morning.Mary says, "That little boy can sneak through a gate faster than any animal I know."
In other farm news, Larry the plumber has been there the past several days laying a new water line and installing new hydrants in 3 pastures.

The days of needing 300 feet of hose to get to a water trough are almost over!

Mary thought ZZ wanted back in the alpaca pasture.  I said to Mary that it sounded like ZZ was being quite the pest.  She replied, "Girlfriend, he is quite the pest most of the time.  But then he looks at you and says, "What?" shrugs his shoulders and walks off, and you can't help but love him."
ZZ finally decided he wanted hay yesterday morning.

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