Friday, September 21, 2012

Something You Might Like-Phoenix Children's Hospital and Petsmart Video

Many of you know that one of my greatest joys in life is volunteering with one of my dogs, Lily Bear.   Yesterday Lily Bear and I were invited to participate in the launch of a new program at the Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Petsmart donated over $400,000.00 to fund the animal assisted therapy program at the hospital and we were on hand for the big event.  All of the TV stations had cameras on hand and Bear made it into several shots.  She is one of 2 yorkies on the staff at PCH.  She is the little one sniffing the camera lens.  They have shortened the clip from it's original size, but they did keep showing her during the story, along with many of the other special dogs that are part of this program.

Happy Stitching!


Unknown said...

What a cute little Yorkie. This is a great cause.

One Planet said...

She is a great little pup!