Thursday, January 10, 2013

Broken Resolution Number 1

OK, I admit defeat.  I can't seem to get the swatches done well enough to continue knitting for the Master Knitter Level 1.  I really need to concentrate on my other projects and this one just seems to eat up time. But I have found a silver lining here.

Now that I am out teaching knitting, I realize that I have a powerful resource.  The swatches have all been tagged and labeled.  The are in plastic sleeves in a loose leaf binder and will make a great teaching tool for me.  My time was not wasted by tackling this challenge.

I have moved on to the next project on my to do list and finished it.  It's a new pattern that now just needs some tweaking from the tech editor.  And some photography. 

Happy Stitching!
One Planet Yarn and Fiber

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