Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Which Some Yarn Dances In The Rain

This past Saturday it was raining, actually, it's been raining for days, but on Saturday it was coming down in buckets. 

My dogs, who are usually well behaved family members, decided to do some exploring, in my knitting bag.  First, they pulled out a bag of Good Earth tea bags.  The tea bags were in a zip lock bag because earlier in the week they had gone into my teaching bag, pulled out the unopened box of tea and proceeded to open the box and a few of the tea bags.  That is how they ended up in a sealed zip lock bag.

So they pulled out the ziplock bag of tea and took it out to the backyard through the doggie door.  Then they went back into my knitting bag and pulled out the small canvas bag that has the bamboo and silk yarn that I a using for a cardigan I am designing.  There were 6 skeins of yarn in this little bag.  The bag took a trip through the doggie door.  The dogs then proceded to open the drawstring and pull out the yarn.  They chewed off all the labels, but actually left the yarn alone, in the rain, in a puddle.
I spent about 6 hours on Saturday afternoon untangling the mess, wrapping each skein on my niddy noddy and then hanging them up to dry.
That evening, they grabbed on of the skeins that was on our coffee table that was untouched and proceeded to play with that one.  They didn't have it for long.  The yarn is now dry and I am able to knit with it.

Today, I left my handbag on the end table and noticed that my shepherd had his nose in it.  I moved the bag to a higher spot in the room.  Looks like that end table will never have anything on it ever again.

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Michele B said...

Oh No! Sounds like a fun thing to get into on a rainy day.

To the "naughty chair" - GO!

You sure appear to have done a nice job cleaning up the mud yarn.

I'm afraid, depending on my mood of course, if this happened at my house, these "children" would have learned a few new special words! lol

One Planet said...

Fortunately there wasn't any mud. I was able to just re-skein it and dry it. They mostly stayed in ball form so there was very little dirt to pull out!