Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Something You Might Like-DC

We braved the cold yesterday and took the train into DC to head to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  My husband is correct, the winters are way better in Arizona.  Just sayin'.  I have more pictures to share, but my iPhone doesn't agree with my netbook and I will have to wait until I am back home to my Laptop to be able to share them with you.

Stay warm!
One Planet Yarn and Fiber
This is Boochie.  He is the demon cat that bit me the last time I was here.  Innocent looking, isn't he?

Dad on the steps of the museum.

Too much shopping in the museum!  These were in the kids shop.

As were these.

Rotunda of the museum

Just beautiful

Entry to the live orchid display

Did you know that Vanilla beans are from an orchid?

Staircase near the Atrium Cafe

Lousy picture of the Hope Diamond

Some big honkin' diamonds

The Capital building

My brother-in-law insisted on taking this picture of me!

Washington Monument

I just love the details on these buildings.  If it had been a warmer day I could have walked for miles taking pictures.

Smithsonian from the Mall


Michele B said...

That geode (?) is wild - looks like two babies in a womb to me.

Orchids - WOW! Must have smelled magnificent in that display.
...and no, I did not know that vanilla comes from an orchid. Is it a particular orchid variety, or is the vanilla bean grown on a plant related to the flowery orchids you photographed?

One Planet said...

My camera really didn't do a great job through the glass. The inside of the Geode looked like cotton puffs covered in snow.

The vanilla orchid was not in bloom, but the vanilla bean pod grows from the flower of that particular orchid.

It was lovely!