Thursday, May 02, 2013

Saturday-Vogue Knitting Live Classes and Banquet

Saturday morning found me in class with Brooke Nico.  Knitting Lace Around the World.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a little bit about 3 different lace techniques.  I am still practicing!

Happy Stitching!
One Planet Yarn and Fiber
My swatch
These are examples of different styles of lace that Brooke brought to class.  Shetland, Estonian and Japanese, not necessarily in that order!

Miss Brooke!
Took a break between classes and head to the marketplace.

Second class of the day, knitted bunny using sock yarn with Susan B Anderson!

Miss Susan!

Miss Susan and I.

This is Lisette.  Pay attention!
Time to sit down for the banquet, yum!

Lisa and Felicia (owner of Sweet Georgia, I ordered some spinning fiber for the shop)

Keynote speaker-Karin Skacel interviewing the owner of Addi Knitting Needles

OK, these are the 3 fastest knitters in the Northwest-pay attention to Lisa!
Watch the 3 minute video if you would like to see economy of motion.
And the winner is! Lisa, at 169 stitches in 3 minutes.

But wait! The competition goes on with Lisa pitted against 4 designers.  Same 3 minutes.

Back at our table for dessert

After dinner fashion show
And when I got back to the room I finished knitting my Nelkin necklace.  I still have to block it and add the findings.

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