Saturday, May 04, 2013

Sunday Morning-Last Day of the Show

Sunday started out in the coffee shop where I spotted this lovely cardi.  It's by Laura Bryant.  There is a picture of the book it is in later in this blog.

Another class with Brooke Nico and starting techniques for circular shawls.

View from the Hyatt room.

This is the book that the pattern is in for the cardi.

Charity knitting for kids.  Yes, I did.

Participants yarn graffiti

4:00pm on Sunday was time for the yarn cutting.  This was at the far end of the hall.  How could I not catch one skein?

Waiting for the cutters
I'll tell you what I caught in a later blog.  Show over, of to visit with more family!

My daughter with her 2 cousins after a family dinner.

Happy Stitching!
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