Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thought You Might Like This - Farm Shares for Spinners and Knitters

I love to say that I am supporting 3 farm shares.  This past weekend I received my share box from Jacob's Reward Farm in Texas.  The box was filled with Alpaca, Jacob's Wool and a small bag of Angora.  Plus, this stunning reusable bag!

One of my other farm shares is at Fancy Fibers, also in Texas.  There is a great article, recently published in the Herald Banner about my friend, Mary Berry, who owns Fancy Fibers.

The third farm is Juniper Moon in Virginia.  Cormo!  Need I say more?

I f you plan on helping these CSA fiber farms, you better hurry.  Most of the 2011 shares are sold out already.  I know Mary has very few shares left and the other 2 have waiting lists.


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MaryG said...

Save a bit for me please! Will see u tomorrow