Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OPYF- Ewe Can Knit - By Mary G - Addicted to Knitting

I spend at least part of every day knitting - even more time now that I am no longer working full time.  When I'm not knitting I'm thinking about knitting. What new pattern I want to try, what sweater I would like to try to design, what project in my queue am I going to work on today.  I also spend some time every day learning about knitting. I work on the National Knitting Guild's master knitter program. I am almost finished level one and hope to get it off for review in January. I read everything I can; new books, magazines, blogs, I even listen to knitting podcasts.  And, of course, I spend a bit of time on Ravelry. 

There is something so compelling about this craft so many of us love so much. The simple act of holding yarn, allowing  it to move through our fingers and watching  our needles move in precise ways that create wonderful fabric. The tactile nature of the yarn. The luxurious softness of a cashmere, the prickly sensation of a Shetland wool or something in between. The glorious colors or combination  of colors that form into a lovely garment?  The sense of accomplishment at finishing a project or the sense of pride at a garment well done.  Or the satisfaction of deciphering a particularly obtuse pattern or succeeding at figuring out a difficult stitch.  The joy I feel when I give a knitted gift to someone else and watch how much they appreciate my work. 

When I sit down to knit my mind slows down. I forget the stresses of the day and allow myself to think only about the stitches I'm working on at the time.  This is particularly true if I am working in a complicated lace or cable pattern.  But even when I do something else that requires my attention, like watching tv I still knit. Almost every knitter I know has a "tv watching project"- you know one, the garter stitch afghan that your hands could knit in your sleep.

So is knitting an addiction?  What do you think?  I know it is for me!

Mary G


april said...

everything you said is exactly how i feel. i love knitting. and i always have 3-4 projects going so that i have something suitable for the occasion. (portable for riding in the car, simple for TV, detailed for "me time" in between.)
Have a happy knitting year!

One Planet said...

Mary sure hit the nail right on the head!