Saturday, April 09, 2011

First Lifetime Members Guild Luncheon

Last Saturday was the monthly meeting for the Desert Weavers and Spinners Guild.  For the first time ever, they honored members as lifetime members.  The oldest member just missed coming as she, unfortunately was unwell last Saurday.  She is 102 years old!  The women below have all been in the guild more than 25 years.  The stories they told last weekend were wonderful.  Below the group picture are examples of a few of their works, including the oldest member's.  What a wonderful experience this was for me to witness, being the newest member.  I have so much to learn and here are my teachers.  There are over 80 members in the Guild.



Wendy said...

I think that once you learn spinning a yarn, or weaving a cloth you really sit in awe of these artists. The photos are amazing! A few years ago I would say "Hmmm thats a nice scarf", I see that work and am just speachless!! Kudos to those talented members!

One Planet said...

You are so right. It just gies me more thirst to keep learning and growing.