Friday, April 08, 2011

Gifts For My New Grandnephew

I had said to myself I was done making baby stuff for my soon to be born grandnephew. Ha! First, I was shown a copy of "60 Quick Baby Knits" by my friend Mark at The Fiber Factory. I knew I was doomed when he showed me a pattern for this hat! I bought the book.

The Green is Shepherd's Wool, the cream is some 3 ply Lanas Puras Melosa bought to sample and the brown is from some old stash.

Then, "Welcoming Home Baby" arrived here and I just had to make a blanket from the book.
I used an ultra bulky yarn from Sidar which I also purchased at The Fiber Factory.

Both of these projects were done last minute.  I was binding off the blanket when I received a message that my niece had gone in to labor.  She was still in labor as I added on the sheep parts to the hat.  She delivered just as I finished and received a phone call from the proud grandpa that Hayden Jay Patrick Sadow was born this past Saturday night about 8:00pm.  All are well.  We visited them in the hospital with these in hand on Monday night.  I am told Hayden loves the hat I made.  He just loves hats!  I will be one busy grand aunt.



Andrea said...

OMG! That hat is absolutely adorable!

One Planet said...

It is so adorable. I am waiting for a picture of my nephew wearing it, but it is in the 90's here.