Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Are Moving In to The New House!

One Planet Yarn and Fiber April 19th News

Hello Everyone,

This letter will be short and full of apologies.  We have spent the past
weekend moving from our old house to our new one.  I am trying to fit 2800
square feet in to 1900 square feet with no garage.  Needless to say it is going
to take some shoe horning and winnowing to fit.

Please understand that I am not ignoring anyone.  I am just trying to unpack
for my entire household of 4 people and 4 dogs.  Everyone else works outside
the house or is in college classes.

I have several orders that have come in over the past few days.  These orders
will be shipped as soon as I have some room to move around in the studio and
get everything arranged so I can find it.
As of right now, we have no hot water heater, no furnace and no washer or
dryer.  Cold showers....brrrrr..........



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Krista said...

Just wishing you all the best as you move in and get settled. I think the thing I always miss the most is the plumbing items. It's not so bad camping, but when you are trying to live in a house????

Hope things are looking up by now.

One Planet said...

Hi Krista,
Te water situation is slowly being worked out. We have hot showers now, but the drain for the washing machine is clogged with mud! I'll write an update soon!