Friday, November 09, 2012

Something You Might Like - Annie

I have to confess that I am an avid podcast listener of Never Not KnittingI love listening to Alana's adventures in knitting as well as the stories she shares from people around the world.  Alana and her daughter conceived the idea for a book about a little girl learning to knit.  The last podcast had Alana's daughter reading from the book.  It was so charming!

Alana has a pre-order special package right now that includes the book and several other goodies.  I ordered up 2 copies for future gifts for little ones of Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

Alana has some great ideas to make this even a more interesting gift, like adding in knitting needles and yarn, or making the scarf and the sweater that Annie wears in the story.   I've included some pictures below to entice you.

Happy Stitching!

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